Jackson County Memorial Hospital

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What We Offer

Employed physicians can participate in all JCMH-offered benefits including health insurance, 401k matching, etc.  Our retirement plan is very aggressive and unique as a Public Trust Authority hospital that is exempt from Social Security participation.  Rather than paying into SS, a 4% mandatory reduction is taken from the employee’s gross salary (pre-taxed) and matched 100% by JCMH.  Both amounts are deposited in the employee-owned 401a account.  Then, additional pre-taxed investment is allowed up to 7% of gross salary with an additional 50% match by JCMH.  Effectively, our employees can deposit 18.5% of their gross salary into a qualified tax-deferred 401a/401k by only contributing 10.5%.

  • Malpractice insurance
  • CME reimbursement (typically up to $5,000 per year)
  • PTO accrual
  • CME PTO (8 days per year)
  • Starbucks kiosk in our physician lounge that is free for staff doctors

About Us

Jackson County Memorial Hospital is a 99-bed facility (49 inpatient beds).  Our primary service area is Jackson County and portions of the contiguous counties, serving a population of approximately 50,000 people.  JCMH offers services in the following categories: hospital, cancer center, home health, hospice, assisted living center, DME, counseling services, outpatient rehabilitation (PT,ST,OT), clinics (FP, IM, OB/GYN, Gen Surg, Orthopedic, Psychiatry, Neuro).  We have satellite clinics in Mangum, OK and Vernon, TX.  We have 26 employed physicians on staff and a handful of local “independent” providers as well as 10 or so mid-level providers (NPs and PAs). 

About Altus, Oklahoma

Altus is situated in the southwest corner of Jackson County, Oklahoma.  The population is just over 20,000 with an additional 3,500-5,000 people living at Altus Air Force Base, which is the world-wide training facility for the C-17 cargo jet, KC-135 refueling tanker, and KC-48 tanker/cargo plane.  We have the typical restaurants, shopping opportunities and entertainment you’d expect of a town this size including Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, Community College, McDonalds, Chicken Express, etc.  Quartz Mountain lodge and campgrounds are located about 15 miles north of Altus and has a very nice lake.  Lots of skiing, fishing, etc.

About the President/CEO and JCMH Board

JCMH has experienced significant growth over the past couple years.  This growth is mostly attributed to an aggressive recruitment and development of the medical staff and improvement of service area market share.  The President/CEO has been in place for six years and is supported by a very progressive board who believes in growth and expansion.  JCMH has experienced increasing profitability for the past five years and has plans to continue in growth opportunities.

Our Location