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Central New York in Brief
Ithaca, Cortland and Norwich share a focus on family and community. Each of these Central New York communities endeavors to pay homage to history while offering residents all the “bells and whistles” associated with life today. Ithaca is on Kiplinger’s Personal Finance’s list of 10 Great Places to Live for 2013.

The Central New York File
  • Education. The Cortland Enlarged School District, Ithaca City School District and Norwich City School District are committed to excellence in education.
  • Real Estate. Central New York has real estate options to fit any budget, from affordable bungalows to luxury estates, newer construction to historic properties.
  • Family. Central New York is a great place to raise family, as Ithaca, Cortland, and Norwich offer many activities for kids and a strong sense of community.
  • Culture. Central New York boasts Ithaca’s vibrant theater and arts community and abundant museums and art galleries, and Cortland and Norwich offer an array of community festivals.
  • Recreation. Central New York is a haven for those seeking recreation options all year, given its numerous parks, golf courses, waterways and activity centers.
  • Weather. Central New York has four distinct seasons, but it never gets too hot or too cold; January and July average highs are 31.2 and 80.1, respectively.
  • Central New York Fun Fact
    Known as the "Crown City" because of its location on a plain formed by the convergence of seven valleys, Cortland is about 1,130 feet above sea level, making it the uppermost city to crown the state.

    Learn More About Central New York
    • http://www.cityofithaca.org/
    • http://www.cortland.org/
    • http://www.norwichnewyork.net/

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