Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions concerning the PracticeMatch Database and the open opportunities for physicians found on the PracticeMatch Career Center. We hope you find answers to some of your questions below.

What is the PracticeMatch database?
The PracticeMatch physician database was created in 1989 to help medical facilities recruit physicians directly, instead of using outside physician search firms. PracticeMatch Corporation is located in St. Louis, Missouri and serves medical facilities and physicians nationwide. The database is accessed online and allows subscribing medical facilities to find physicians who are interested in finding a new practice position.
Who are your clients?
Our clients are medical facilities - hospitals, health systems, private practices, clinics, and academic institutions throughout the nation who have their own in-house physician recruitment programs.
Who do you interview?
Our interviewing department actively interviews physicians from the top 40 specialties, based on client demand. We contact residents and fellows in their penultimate year of training so that we are able to obtain their information prior to the beginning of their job search. In addition, we typically interview over 70% of each class and must begin early in order to reach our goal each year. We also interview any practicing physicians who contact us to hear about new practice opportunities.
How do you get paid? Does this cost me?
Our clients, the healthcare facilities, pay an annual subscription fee to use the database. There is never any cost or obligation to the physician.
If I were to sign a contract to practice with one of your clients, do you receive any sort of compensation?
No. Our clients pay an annual subscription fee to use our database and are then free to contact as few or as many physicians as they need to fill their open job opportunities. If you were to sign a contract to practice with one of our clients, we do not receive any additional compensation.
What does the interview involve?
The interview typically takes approximately five minutes. We question physicians about the type of practice desired, geographical preferences, educational background, and a few demographic questions. We do not want physicians to find just any job; we want physicians to find the best opportunities that meet their professional and personal needs.
What happens after the interview?
Following the interview and a careful review process, the information is entered into the database capable of retrieving it in CV format. We e-mail or mail a copy to the interviewed physician for review. If any changes are necessary, the physician can simply email, mail, or fax the changes to us, or call us directly at 800-203-2931. Subscribing medical centers will have access to the information and will be able to contact candidates about relevant positions. Upon receiving the original profile, physicians will also receive a password to the PracticeMatch Career Center where they can review open job opportunities and request information on interesting opportunities directly from our clients. Physicians with a password also receive access to our extensive Career Resources and our CV Builder tool.
How did you get my name?
We obtain physician names from several sources. In some cases, it can be from public records. Sometimes it is information related to the residency and fellowship "match" process. In some cases, we follow a physician's career going as far back as medical school. Occasionally, we purchase information from other vendors. In all cases, our goal is to provide information and services to the physicians to help them with their job search.
How does this help me?
Since there is no cost or obligation to the physician, the PracticeMatch Database and PracticeMatch Career Center are free tools to aid in a physician's job search. Subscribing medical centers can see exactly what geographic locations and practice preferences are of interest to the physician. This means that the physician does not waste their valuable time being contacted about opportunities that do not match their preferences or standards.

testimonial "I just got out of the PracticeMatch Career Fair, and it was a great experience. Everyone was really friendly, really welcoming, and actually I got a lot of information regarding my specialty and other specialties as well for my friends."
Darshana Alle, MD

testimonial "I met many wonderful people with great opportunities in Dallas as well as other locales. The opportunities are very promising. ."
Beauford Basped. MD

testimonial "The Dallas Career fair was excellent! Everyone took their time to talk with us and told us who to contact regarding NP/PA opportunities. They did a great job letting us know about the hiring process. We were also excited to hear about opportunities nationwide, such as in Iowa. It was a great use of our time. "
Jessica Kim, NP & Amy Ngo, NP

testimonial "I found a lot of helpful information and moonlighting opportunities as a resident that would have been hard to find online."
James Kingsley, MD

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