states with the top internist demand

If you are an Internal Medicine Physician interested in new employment opportunities, it is important to look where the demand is highest to yield the best results. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, Internists can expect 1,400 new jobs a year to be created nationwide to help meet the growing demands for patient care as the American population ages1. To help capitalize on this demand, consider these states when evaluating your next employment opportunity.

Texas- The “Lone Star State” has the highest demand in the nation for Internists, with a projected growth of 24% over the next few years1. This is expected to create around 360 vacancies annually in a state where the average Internist makes $160,180 a year2.

California- Home to Hollywood, Big Sur, and some great beaches, California is a good choice for Internists looking for new opportunities. With an expected professional growth rate of 13%, this state is forecasted to create 160 new vacancies annually for Internists interested in making an average of $212,510 a year2.

Florida- The “Sunshine State” attracts vacation seekers and Physicians alike with its temperate climate and spectacular beaches. Florida also has a considerable need for Internists that is driving its 22% professional growth rate over the next few years1. This demand is expected to help produce about 130 jobs annually for interested Internists willing to relocate to this popular state.

New York- The state of New York has some of the best pay and greatest need for Internal Medicine Physicians in the country. Internists interested in practicing in the Utica-Rome region of NY can make an average of $275,530 a year, in a state that is forecasted to welcome around 130 new employment opportunities annually.

Ohio- The “Buckeye State” has something for everyone, thanks to its recreational lake-side location, Big Ten football, and a 6% increase in demand for Internal Medicine Physicians1. This projected demand is expected to create 100 new vacancies a year for Internists interested in relocating to the area.

Massachusetts- This state may be small, but it has a big need for Internal Medicine Physicians, with a projected growth rate of 5%, creating about 90 positions a year for Internists interested in making an average of $232,970 annually2.