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Physician Anesthesiology Jobs

Anesthesiologist jobs deliver unique sets of challenges every day and require physicians who are very well-rounded. The job is often a deeply personal one, and it involves patients and their families giving their full trust to the physician during the perioperative period. An anesthesiologist is always concerned about the safety and the health of the patient.

Anesthesiologist positions require professionals who can make important decisions about which anesthetic is needed, often under stressful and complex situations. Anesthesiologists are also required to have strong communication skills to effectively and accurately communicate findings and needed anesthetics to the appropriate practitioner.

Requirements Needed for Anesthesiologist Jobs

Getting matched for an anesthesiologist job requires you to have a Bachelor's degree, four years of medical school, and 3-8 years in a residency program. Additionally, the United States Medical Licensing Examination is required, along with other licensure depending on the state. When it comes to filling open anesthesiologist positions, employers are looking for candidates who have dexterity, patience, leadership, and communication skills. It's also a plus to have experience in the fields of Surgery, Internal Medicine or Family Medicine.

Anesthesiology Job Locations

Getting matched for an anesthesiology job typically means you'll be working in a hospital or outpatient clinic. Although, some positions are with research institutions where physicians study ways to improve the care for anesthesia patients and manage their pain.

Average Salary for Anesthesiologist Jobs

A physician in anesthesiology can typically expect to make between $321,000 and $420,000. The current median annual salary is $370,712 as of early 2018. These salaries can vary considerably based on geographic location of practice, years of experience and the levels of care provided.

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