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Physician Emergency-Medicine Jobs

At PracticeMatch, we focus on connecting physicians with available emergency medicine jobs through our free, secure and easy to use physician job search tools. Emergency Medicine (EM) Physicians work on the front line of America's healthcare system providing rapid care to patients with emergent needs. EM Physicians specialize in providing rapid clinical decision making, diagnosis, stabilization and treatment of patients with potentially life threatening conditions. They provide care for both pediatric and adult patient populations suffering from a diverse mix of acute medical issues.

Finding an ER job requires that EM Physicians be knowledgeable of a broad array of medical conditions that affect a diverse patient population. To help ensure that the over 36,000 actively practicing EM Physicians meet these challenges, they undergo 3 years of additional specialty training to obtain an Emergency Medicine specialty board certification(1).

We play a vital part in ensuring that emergency medicine jobs get filled by expert physicians. We list hundreds of emergency medicine jobs across the country. Learn more about emergency medicine jobs below or search for active ER jobs.

Emergency Medicine Job Forecast

The future for physician emergency medicine jobs have one of the most promising job outlooks amongst all professions. Emergency medicine job demand is expected to increase 14% by 2024 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This trend is being driven by increased demand and Physician attrition rates due to retirement. In the field of Emergency Medicine over 34% of actively practicing EM Physicians are 55 years of age and older(1). This aging Physician population coupled with increased use of ER's by the uninsured, will only increase demands for ER Physicians in the coming years.

Average Salary for Emergency Medicine Jobs

Practicing Emergency Medicine Physicians can expect to earn around $322,000 a year in base compensation(3). These salaries can vary considerably based on geographic location of practice, years of experience and the levels of care provided.

Emergency Medicine Practice Locations

Physicians working in Emergency Medicine jobs are adept at providing precise, rapid fire clinical care under stressful conditions. While the majority of ER Physicians provide this care from hospital emergency rooms, some choose to work in freestanding ERs or Urgent Care centers. Urgent Care Center work has become an increasingly popular work option for many Emergency Medicine Physicians over the last few years.

The Lifestyle of an Emergency Medicine Physician

Physicians working in Emergency Medicine enjoy greater job flexibility than many other specialty Physicians. Longer working hours (12 hour shifts) and fewer working days per month, make it possible for many Physicians to have a flexible schedule. These long hours can come at a price though. Emergencies aren't scheduled and neither are patients presenting to the ER. Due to the lack of a set schedule and emergent nature of the patients, EM Physicians may find it hard to enjoy self-care options like scheduling a break, lunch or dinner times. It can also be a physically taxing specialty with long hours spent on one's feet providing care. These unpredictable conditions mixed with rapid-fire, life and death decision making can cause increased stress levels and burnout.

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