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Physician Rheumatology Jobs

Becoming a practicing rheumatologist often leads to a very rewarding career involving strong relationships with patients and a healthy work life balance.

For rheumatologists, the job never gets old as every patient brings a new set of challenges, making each day unique. There is no one single test a rheumatologist can use for diagnosing a patient's symptoms. Instead, it's important to allow the patient to tell their story and explain where they're feeling pain or discomfort, and then starting the diagnosis from there.

While this requires the rheumatologist to have a higher level of communication and listening skills, it also results in stronger patient relationships. Employers trying to fill rheumatology jobs are looking for candidates who can put the pieces of the puzzle together from the patient's story and their symptoms. This also means responding to the patient accordingly in a way that makes sense within the context of their current situation or pain they are experiencing.

Rheumatology Job Skills Employers Are Looking For

Employers trying to fill open rheumatologist jobs seek very detail-oriented physicians who carefully examine, diagnose and treat symptoms in patients' joints, muscles, bones and tendons. The ideal candidate also has a solid background in biochemistry, immunology, radiology, internal medicine, neurology, orthopedics, psychiatry, and rehabilitation medicine.

Average Salary for Rheumatologist Jobs

A practicing rheumatologist earns an average salary of $235,000 a year, which can vary considerably depending on location of practice, years of experience in the field, and level of care provided. There was an average 1% reported increase in compensation levels for rheumatologist jobs from 2016 to 2017.

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