Fort Belknap Service Unit

  • 669 Agency Main Street
  • Harlem



About Us

Fort Belknap Service Unit is a Joint Commission 6-bed critical access hospital (CAH) located at the Fort Belknap Agency, Harlem, Montana, and a satellite health clinic located in Hays, approximately 35 miles away. The 6-bed CAH provides the majority of the health care for all Gros Ventres, Assiniboines, and eligible Native American patients on and near the Fort Belknap Reservation.

The Fort Belknap CAH outpatient visits average 39,000 per year. The new clinic in Hays, the Eagle Child Health Center, can adequately serve 13,000 per year. Our system of care includes IHS and Tribal Health programs that work in concert to deliver care to the community.

Our Location