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PracticeMatch Leadership

Clint Rosser, CEO

Clint Rosser CEO

Clint Rosser is the CEO of PracticeMatch. He has been with PracticeMatch since 2016. He has overseen several departments within PracticeMatch including Inside Sales, Career Fairs, and the Client Services team. Clint, along with his team, has helped elevate PracticeMatch client services to move past a transactional vendor relationship to a full partnership with clients. This has allowed PracticeMatch to build stronger relationships and work with clients closer to ensure they can achieve the most ROI possible. Prior to Joining PracticeMatch, Clint has been in Client service leadership roles for over 20 years. Clint serves as an AAPPR Board Member for Strategic Corporate Sponsors.

John Ceci, CTO

John Ceci CTO

John brings a vast amount of experience to PracticeMatch, having worked in development shops during the .com era, then moving into running an interactive department at a large advertising agency. After leaving agency work, he spent nine years at a legal non-profit building continuing legal education software and websites. John came to M3 in 2013, working on software in its promotions division, in 2016 he moved over to PracticeMatch to lead the technological development of the platform. As CTO, he oversees all facets of the technology and strategy that is behind the PracticeMatch infrastructure. When not diving into all things technology, he enjoys time with his family and driving racecars at various racetracks all over the country.

Paul Kottenstette, Vice President of Sales

Paul KottenstetteVice President of Sales

Paul Kottenstette is an accomplished Vice President of Sales at PracticeMatch, boasting an impressive 20-year tenure in assisting healthcare organizations with physician recruitment. His deep expertise in talent acquisition allows him to facilitate connections between physicians and esteemed hospitals, clinics, and physician groups throughout the United States.

By prioritizing sales, revenue growth, and team development, Paul has effectively applied his Business Management degree from Colorado Mesa University to drive organizational success. His remarkable contributions at DHI Group Inc and Health eCareers have earned him recognition for his ability to achieve revenue growth targets and foster a culture of excellence.

Laura Kleffner, VP Of Marketing Operations

Laura KleffnerVP Of Marketing Operations

Laura Kleffner is the VP of Marketing Operations at PracticeMatch.
She has been with PracticeMatch since 2014. Laura is responsible for the PracticeMatch marketing strategy to reach physicians as well as healthcare organizations with a need for physician recruitment resources. In her time at PracticeMatch, she has developed a marketing team to assist clients with multichannel recruitment marketing campaigns and digital offerings. Her favorite part of working at PracticeMatch is planning PMRC, the annual recruitment conference each fall.

Madison Tarrant, Senior Director of Physician Services

Madison TarrantSenior Director of Physician Services

Madison Tarrant is the Senior Director of Physician Services with over 13 years of experience with PracticeMatch. Madison specializes in event planning, team building, increasing profit margins and increasing physician engagement. Her success in the career fair department has elevated the physician recruitment industry by hosting the highest attended virtual events for residents & fellows in the nation. In 2021, Madison was able to merge the career fair, interviewing & data team underneath one department to provide physicians with career resources throughout their training.

Nicole Stefanik, Director of Client Services

Nicole Stefanik Director of Client Services

As the Director of Client Services, Nicole Stefanik is responsible for ensuring the entire client services team delivers exceptional quality service to all our clients. She began her career with PracticeMatch 7 years ago as a Client Trainer, then quickly was promoted to Client Account Manager. Over the past 6 years in that role, she has been instrumental in assisting not only her team, but various teams within the organization, with developing processes and initiatives, to enhance the client and internal experiences, respectively, before being promoted to run the department. She is a graduate of Temple University, and currently resides in the Philadelphia suburbs with her family.

Paul Olzak, Director of Client Sourcing

Paul OlzakDirector of Client Sourcing

Joining PracticeMatch in 2021, Paul supports Client Sourcing's proactive recruiting model that generates a robust prospect pool, creates an effective and efficient recruiting experience and identifies key metrics to ensure optimal performance for the client. Paul has a commitment to learning, development and passion for building a team of recruiting professionals to leverage their national footprint which benefits its client organizations and their candidates. Prior to joining the PracticeMatch team, Paul served as Medical Staff Development Officer at University Hospitals, Lake Health Region in Cleveland, Ohio.

Shelby Grummel Director of Career Fair at PracticeMatch

Shelby GrummelDirector of Career Fair

Shelby Grummel — Director of Career Fair at PracticeMatch, Shelby is the Director of Career Fair at PracticeMatch. Shelby joined PracticeMatch while working through her BS in Business Management at Columbia College. While in college, she became one of the top producers in the Physician Interviewing department which allowed her to secure a role as the Career Fair Coordinator, Manager & most recently Director of Career Fairs. During her growth in the department, Shelby assisted the engineering team in creating a virtual career fair platform specifically for healthcare- HealthCareFairs. Today, as the Director of Career Fairs, Shelby leads a dynamic team and spearheads the company's efforts in organizing and executing the industry's highest performing career fairs.

Debra Williams, Director of Product Development at PracticeMatch

Debra WilliamsDirector of Product Development

As the Director of Product Development at PracticeMatch, Debra Williams brings a wealth of experience to her role. Her journey began in 2012 when she joined M3 as the inaugural Quality Assurance employee in the promotions division. In 2016, Debra transitioned to PracticeMatch, assuming the pivotal role of the first Project Manager responsible for overseeing all technological projects related to the platform. During her tenure, she collaborated with various departments, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of all products.

Debra played a vital role in developing processes for the engineering team and leading focus groups to enhance our platform. Beyond work, she enjoys exploring the world through travel, creating cherished memories.

Ashley Poshard, Manager of Program Relations and Data Quality

Ashley PoshardManager of Program Relations and Data Quality

Ashley Poshard is the Manager of Program Relations and Data Quality. She joined PracticeMatch in 2021 and brings over a decade of database management experience. Formerly an in-house physician recruiter and PracticeMatch client, she excels in engaging physicians with the platform. Ashley collaborates with program coordinators nationally, offering educational opportunities and gathering feedback. Her role involves implementing innovative features and services, fostering long-term physician engagement with PracticeMatch. Additionally, Ashley leads the data team, working to maximize data collection efforts and enhance the PinPoint Database's size, value, and quality, solidifying PracticeMatch's position as a leader in healthcare recruitment and data management.

Dedra Chandler, Call Center Manager

Dedra ChandlerCall Center Manager

Dedra, a seasoned professional with 8 years of interviewing experience, transitioned into the role of call center manager. Her relentless dedication to upholding data quality has been evident through her restructuring of training and hiring processes, resulting in a higher-caliber workforce. Month after month, Dedra has consistently surpassed previous interview numbers. Introducing innovative goals and challenges, motivating her team to achieve greater results. Actively supporting interviewers by acquainting them with Practice Match's rich career resources. Her leadership continues to drive success and growth within the organization.

Jason Jarvis, Manager of Training & Support

Jason JarvisManager of Training & Support

Jason Jarvis is the Manager of Training & Support. He began his career with PracticeMatch 7 years ago as a Client Support Specialist and was instrumental in helping to grow the support team before being promoted to Manager of both Support and Training. Surrounded by an amazing team, CSS and Training consistently surpass our client's expectations, keeping them happy and engaged.