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Who We Are

Our Purpose
Our purpose is to create care experiences that get the best possible life outcomes. Joining the GenesisCare team means a commitment to seeing and doing things differently. Asking what if and why not? And being focused on getting the best possible outcomes for our patients.

We are a team of about 6000 professionals who believe care should be focused on the individual, not the condition. That care should be available when and where people need it most and it should be designed to help give people the best life outcomes possible. We specialise in treating and innovating in cancer and heart disease, the two biggest diseases that impact people’s lives. We’re proud that we are designing better care for more people around the world every day.

Globally, we have more than 400 GenesisCare centres to help us bring patients the right care. For radiation oncology, that includes centres in the US, UK, Spain and Australia. We also offer cardiology and sleep services at more than 80 locations across Australia.

Today, we are a mix of highly trained healthcare professionals, innovative support staff and leaders who share a common purpose: to design care experiences that get the best possible life outcomes. We want you to share that sense of purpose, helping us deliver high quality care to the people who need it, in a way that is efficient and leverages our global network.

Our Values

Empathy for all

We do all we can to understand the needs, emotions and ambitions of patients and each other. Because only through understanding can we work well together inside GenesisCare, and make the necessary difference to the experience and life outcomes of the patients we treat.

Partnership, inside and out

We achieve more together than apart, so we share, listen, and work as one. Designing better care will only be possible if we work together, with each other inside GenesisCare and with people and our partners from outside, who want the same things we do and who want be part of our purpose.

Innovation every day

We all contribute insightful, innovative ideas, both big and small. Because great ideas can come from anyone, anywhere, and we know that insight and evidence is the best way to unlock them, to design better care.

Bravery to have a go

We dare to make ideas happen, to make the impossible a reality, because at GenesisCare that’s our DNA. We will only fulfil our purpose if we try and learn, and commit ourselves to making things happen; after all, nothing means more to us than getting you the best life outcomes possible.

Integrity always

We make evidence-based decisions and take every action and face every challenge in the best interests of our patients and each other. We build trust and lead by example by acting in a safe,  honest and transparent way, and call out when things are not right.