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Active Duty Medical Programs  
Active Duty Officers serve full-time. This allows you to take full advantage of the available career and leadership opportunities. Enjoy the broadest range of benefits. And maximize your impact – while experiencing travel and adventure possibilities to the utmost.  There are over 30 specialty and subspecialty areas available in Navy Medicine.

Reserve Medical Programs  
Reserve Officers serve part-time. This way you can maintain a civilian career while serving as few as two days a month and two weeks a year. With opportunities for additional service and pay. With the possibility of arranging flexible drilling options to fit your busy schedule. While enjoying many of the same advantages and benefits of full-time service.  

Navy Medicine Student Programs
Financial Assistance Program (FAP).  FAP is for physicians (Medical and Dental) currently in a full categorical match into an accredited residency or fellowship program progressing toward a specialty which has been designated as critical to the Department of Defense.

 Education Requirements: 
    • Dental:  Be a graduate of a dental school accredited by the American Dental Association.
    • Medical: Be a graduate of an accredited medical school or college of osteopathy
    • Payback is year for year on Active Duty (minimum of 2 years)
    • $45,000 Annual Grant
    • Stipend in excess of $2,200 a month 
    • 14 days each year of Active Duty for Annual Training
    • Payback is year for year plus one

Training in Medical Specialties (TMS). TMS is a Reserve flex-drill option (only required to drill once per quarter) for those accepted in or currently training in a civilian residency or fellowship training programs in a Critical Wartime Skills (CWS) specialty (General Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Neurosurgery, Anesthesia, Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine and Psychiatry)  

    • Reserve drill pay and al authorized benefits (i.e., Tricare Reserve Select health insurance for member and family)
    • Monthly stipend in excess of $2,200 a month while in in a training status
    • Up to $250,000 student loan repayment (LRP); applicant must take the stipend if they request LRP

Payback:  TMS only: 3 years; Stipend: 1 year for every 6 months while drawing stipend; LRP: no additional years (must take stipend which created obligation) For all student programs, applicants must be at least 18 years of age and be able to commission by age 42 and/or be able to serve 20 years of commissioned active service by age 62.  No age waivers will be granted. There are no marital status restrictions.  All applicants must pass a physical examination and be eligible for a security clearance.
All programs require schools be accredited in the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico ONLY.  The recruiter can provide specific accreditation per specialty as outlined in the applicable Program Authorization.

 Health Service Collegiate Program (HSCP).  HSCP is a program designed to provide active duty pay and allowances for students in designated health care professions to complete degree/certification requirements and obtain a commission in the Medical Corps (MC), Dental Corps (DC), or Medical Service Corps (MSC).  The following specialties are routinely eligible to apply for HSCP:

    • medical school, dental school, health care administration, industrial hygiene, podiatry surgical residency, audiology residency, pharmacy, entomology, and physician assistant students. Must be accepted for admission to an accredited institution.  On-line or distance learning programs are not eligible.
    • On average, applicants receive an annual salary in excess of $55K to $60K per year (base pay, housing allowance, subsistence pay) while in this program not to mention low-cost healthcare coverage for applicant and eligible family members.
    • Payback is year for year, minimum of 3

Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP).  HPSP is a true scholarship program designed to provide financial incentives for students to attend a school to be a physician, dentist, physician assistant, optometrist or clinical psychologist to ultimately receive an appointment as an officer in the United States Navy.

    • 100% Tuition, Books, and Equipment
    • Monthly Stipend in excess of $2,200 a month for 10 ½ months each year while in the program
    • $20,000 signing bonus for medical and dental students only.
    • 45 days each year  Active Duty pay and allowances for annual training
    • Payback is year for year with a 3 year minimum.  Bonus recipients owe 4 year payback

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