St. Mary’s Health System (Lewiston)

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About Lewiston, ME

  • Located in the southwestern part of Maine less than an hour from Portland, ME
  • The area offers access to outdoor recreational activities like hiking, fishing, boating and the nearby Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary is popular for birdwatching and hiking
  • The Great Falls of the Androscoggin River, once powered by the city’s textile mills and remains a scenic attraction today
  • Home to Bates College, a prestigious liberal arts college founded in 1855 and contributes to the city’s cultural and education vibrancy
  • Lewiston has an excellent education system with five elementary schools, five middle schools and one high school

About St. Mary’s Health System (Lewiston)

  • Mary’s Health System is affiliated with Covenant Health, a Catholic healthcare system that has facilities in multiple states
  • A full-service health care system offering over 20 service lines that include primary and specialty care ranging from Cancer Center and Emergency Services to Neurology and Orthopedics and from Primary Care and Care for Older Adults to Urgent Care and Women’s Health and Maternity

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