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Fairbanks is the second largest cities in Alaska. It is home to around 100,000 residents which makes it the second largest city. Fairbanks contains an Army base, Air Force Base, University, and is known for its dog mushing and northern lights. Temperatures in the 80 for summer are common and in the winter usually in the negatives. They have more than 22 hours of daylight during the solstice in June.

Some of the activities that are available in Fairbanks are shopping in many galleries that showcase pottery, painting, and much more. In the summers there is kayaking, rafting, golfing, and fishing. In the winters you can ice fish, snow machining, skiing, and soaking in the hot springs. Fairbanks is accessible either by plane or by road.

Tanana Chiefs Conference (TCC)

We are organized as Dena” Nena’ Henash or “Our Land Speaks”; an Alaska Native non-profit corporation, charged with advancing Tribal self-determination and enhancing regional Native unity. We provide services while balancing traditional Athabascan and Alaska Native values with modern demands. We work towards meeting the health and social service needs of Tribal members and beneficiaries throughout our region.

While Tanana Chiefs Conference was not officially formed until 1962, the history of how our organization came to be can be dated back nearly one hundred years. In 115, tribal Chiefs from throughout the region banded together to protect their native land rights, an issue that continued after Alaska’s statehood in 1959 and is still relevant today.

The Tanana Chiefs Conference region covers an area of 235,000 square miles in interior Alaska, which is equal to about 37 percent of the entire state, and just slightly smaller than the state of Texas. Within our region are six sub regions: Lower Yukon, Upper Kuskokwim, Upper Tanana, Yukon Flats, Yukon Koyukuk, and Yukon Tanana; within our six sub regions are 39 villages.

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