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About HNI Healthcare

HNI Healthcare empowers clinicians with technology and training to practice at the highest clinical standards. We value each individual provider and the strengths they bring to the team. We invest in professional development through our exclusive HNICORE Program which provides clinicians with the tools necessary to grow their careers. Through collaboration and leadership development, we create a healthy culture that nurtures long, rewarding careers.

HNI deploys a highly present, more engaged clinical model — decreasing the time and utilization of inpatient and post-acute resources. Our physicians are given the tools to proactively check in and orchestrate their care network — getting the patient home healthier and quicker, while mitigating avoidable days and readmissions.

Our proven management practices, paired with our VitalsMD® technology, enable care teams across the care continuum to share patient data and make real-time decisions that improve outcomes while reducing costs.

About Physician Staffing

Physician Staffing, Inc. (PSI) is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. We have been providing staffing services for hospitals and other health care facilities for over 35 years. We also offer management services to hospitals and medical practices in such areas as billing and collection. We work with over 275 physicians who staff intensive care units, and other departments in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

PSI is one of the most experienced companies providing outsourced hospital-based physician services. We recently expaned our market to Chicago, IL and Detroit, MI.

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