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Advanced Practitioner Student Loan Assistance

At PracticeMatch, we recognize the significant concern that student loans pose for physicians and advanced practice providers, often influencing career decisions. In response, we've collaborated with valuable resources to assist you in optimizing savings opportunities throughout your professional journey. Additionally, you can now streamline your job search by exclusively looking for positions eligible for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program. Simply select 501(c)3 in the search parameters to focus on opportunities that align with your financial goals.

  • Navigating the transition to practice involves strategic considerations, particularly for physicians as the average APP faces a substantial federal student loan debt exceeding $150k. Given that many APPs work for 501(c)3 hospitals, the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program becomes a viable option for great savings. PracticeMatch, in collaboration with BenElevate and Doctors Without Quarters, is dedicated to helping non-profit and government employees maximize savings through PSLF, taking advantage of recent program adjustments.
  • For individuals employed in non-profit and government sectors, the potential for substantial federal loan forgiveness under the more lenient requirements of the PSLF program is noteworthy. PracticeMatch has forged partnerships with BenElevate and Doctors Without Quarters to provide valuable assistance in maximizing savings for professionals in this category, with detailed benefits outlined below.
  • Contrastingly, APPs engaged in for-profit endeavors, private practice, or working as independent contractors may find PSLF unavailable. However, alternative avenues exist to mitigate debt costs in these sectors. A growing number of employers now offer lump-sum repayment options and monthly contributions. In such scenarios, strategic refinancing to secure lower rates within the private marketplace emerges as a potentially optimal solution for financial relief.
  • To assess whether refinancing aligns with your needs, considering your prospective employer and household income, you can obtain quotes swiftly and credit score-free through the provided link in just two minutes. Moreover, PracticeMatch candidates stand to benefit from a $500 cash bonus when refinancing, provided their loan balance amounts to $100k or more. This proactive approach ensures that physicians and APPs are well-informed and empowered to make financially sound decisions.

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BenElevate offers tech-enabled tools that help borrowers identify their eligibility for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program, and maintain annual compliance with evolving economic profiles and legislation. Users are also able to digitally sign and submit annual PSLF Forms, all for less than $50 per year! PracticeMatch candidates receive a 15% discount with the coupon code PM15.

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With BenElevate's PSLF Eligibility & Savings Estimator you can find out if PSLF will deliver you savings in just seconds:

Doctors Without Quarters (DWOQ) offers detailed one-on-one repayment consultations which include PSLF navigation and process execution, free refinancing suitability analysis, and a 15% discount on comprehensive loan support services with the promo code PM15. Select from either option below:

Comprehensive Loan Support

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DWOQ can assist graduating students and continuing residents and fellows seeking to utilize federal programs such as income-driven loan repayment or Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

In addition, as a PracticeMatch member, you're entitled to a 15% discount on all DWQO Services with coupon code PM15.

Refinancing Suitability Analysis

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DWOQ offers free refinancing suitability analysis for those considering refinancing to lower rates. If refinancing makes economic sense to you,DWOQ will introduce you to a competitive lender (or lenders) and advocate you in the process. Refinancing is often a competitive option for those transitioning to practice, currently in practice or with a high household income.

Jason DiLorenzo, Founder of DWOQ

This content is brought to you by our student loan advocate, Jason DiLorenzo

Jason DiLorenzo is the Founder of DWOQ, and since 2010 he has served as a borrower advocate and advisor, speaking at medical schools, hospitals, and conferences nationally on the topic of student loan legislation and its impact on early-career physicians.
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