Virtual Career Fairs FAQs

Will the physicians be discouraged from attending Live Career Fairs since they can now attend Virtual Career Fairs?
No, all physicians and advanced practitioners invited to our Live Career Fairs are excluded from our Virtual Career Fair outreach efforts. We will not cross-market both fairs to the same providers. We market Virtual Career Fairs to physicians and advanced practitioners who indicate a geographic preference for a specific region. We eliminate all providers within a 100 mile radius of our live Career Fair cities from our outreach efforts for Virtual Career Fairs so there is no overlap and ROI remains high for exhibitors at both types of fair.
What materials will I need to submit for our booth?
You will send over the states your hiring in, specialties, booth representative's names & email addresses, company logo and any other additional information you would like candidates to see.
How many booth representatives can we have?
You can have up to four booth representatives.
How many candidates can we speak with at a time?
Each booth representative can speak with you to four candidates at a time.
How long can I speak to each candidate?
Each chat is up to ten minutes. After the ten minutes is up, booth reps can extend the conversation. You can also end the conversation at any point.
What happens after the conversation is over?
At the end of each chat, booth reps can rate each candidate 1-5. That information is shared with the rest of the booth reps from your organization. You can schedule a follow-up meeting, send a follow-up email and forward the candidate.
How soon will I receive the attendee list?
Booth reps can expect to receive the attendee list right after event. Even if the booth reps did not speak to a candidate, they will receive all the information from anyone who signed up.
Am I able to step away from my computer during this event?
During the event, there is an option to put an away message.
Who starts each conversation?
The physician will reach out first. The exhibitor chooses to keep the conversation going.
How long is each conversation?
Each conversation is 10 minutes. After the time is up, exhibitors have the chance to extend the conversation.
What type of providers will be attending?
Residents, fellows, practicing physicians and APs.