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Why PracticeMatch?

At PracticeMatch, we understand that the success of your healthcare organization hinges on the quality of your staff. That's why we're committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our service. Our platform is designed to offer a comprehensive solution to your recruitment challenges, integrating cutting-edge technology with a strong understanding of the healthcare industry. With our proven track record, we've helped countless healthcare providers and institutions across the nation discover and hire the most qualified candidates.

Our platform boasts an extensive network of highly qualified healthcare professionals representing various specialties and experience levels. Whether you're seeking physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, or another specialized role, PracticeMatch has you covered. We understand that every healthcare organization is unique, which is why we offer customized solutions tailored to your specific needs.

While navigating physician recruitment can be complex, PracticeMatch can simplify it for you. Our platform is user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to use, allowing you to manage job postings, review applications, and seamlessly communicate with candidates. We also have an in-house support team available to answer all of your questions.

Our job boards focus on all types of provider recruitment, including physicians, advanced practitioners, nurses, and non-clinicians. We work with hospitals, healthcare systems, physician groups, and healthcare recruiting associations nationwide. Physician recruiters from large organizations and small clinics alike find value and a consistent return on investment as a result of utilizing our solutions. Contact Us — Request a Demo

What Can PracticeMatch Do for You?

Candidate Databases

Our extensive candidate databases encompass data from a diverse array of professionals within the healthcare setting, ensuring that you have access to the information required to hire top-notch candidates across various professions, both clinical and non-clinical.

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Viewed by thousands of physicians and other healthcare professionals, both clinical and non-clinical, our job board is the perfect opportunity to get your job opportunities in front of the providers you're looking for.

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Career Fairs

Between our live and virtual career fairs, you have the flexibility to reach physicians and advanced practitioners across the nation, including multiple regions and specialties.

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Virtual Events Platform

Our virtual events platform, HealthCareFairs, allows you to hold your own virtual event and customize event URLs, lobby pages, and RSVP pages. You also have the ability to customize your virtual booth for cohesive branding.

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Client Sourcing

If you're having trouble finding candidates on your own, let us do the work! We can source for a variety of providers, including physicians and advanced practitioners, among a number of specialties. Our multichannel sourcing campaigns include enticing job postings, targeted digital advertising, direct mail, email, and text message campaigns. We will also periodically provide you with updates on your project.

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Marketing Solutions

We offer a variety of marketing tools, such as Direct Mail Campaigns, Custom Digital Marketing, SmartBanner Ads, Addressable , and Residency Level Marketing to help you fill your open positions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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We'd love to tell you more about how PracticeMatch can make your job easier. Contact us for a free recruitment evaluation.

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Trusted by leading hospitals, medical groups, and healthcare systems nationwide since 1989, PracticeMatch provides a complete set of tools for sourcing, recruiting, and retaining quality physicians and advanced practitioners.

These tools allow in-house recruiters and healthcare organizations of all sizes to decrease costs, find a larger volume of better-quality candidates, and improve retention. Our tools include the most accurate physician databases available, candidate and process-tracking systems, and a trusted online job board.

Traditional recruitment methods, in addition to being complex, can be time-consuming and costly. With the help of PracticeMatch, you can significantly reduce the time and costs associated with finding the right healthcare professionals for your organization. Our efficiency allows you to focus more on patient care and operational efficiency. We are committed to quality and reliability when it comes to healthcare provider staffing. PracticeMatch holds focus groups to gather feedback from clients and enhance our platform's features and capabilities in an effort to provide the best products possible.

The landscape of healthcare staffing has changed in recent years. Between the COVID-19 pandemic and steadily increasing shortage in healthcare providers, physician and provider recruiters face an uphill battle to find healthcare professionals.

Healthcare recruiting and physician staffing alike require a robust, consultative approach. PracticeMatch has been recognized as an industry leader in marketing permanent placement practice opportunities for healthcare organizations of all sizes. Our solutions advance patient care by ensuring that hospitals and healthcare systems have the reach and insights they need to connect with physicians and advanced practice professionals nationwide.

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