PracticeMatch Career Fair FAQ

What is a PracticeMatch Career Fair?
PracticeMatch Career Fair is a face-to-face venue where hospitals and groups can meet with physicians directly. It is a valuable recruiting tool for in-house recruiters.
Who exhibits at a PracticeMatch Career Fair?
PracticeMatch invites In-house recruiters for hospitals, groups, and other directly-hiring medical facilities nationwide. A limited number of third party recruiters may attend.
What specialties attend PracticeMatch Career Fair?
All physician specialties within the area of the event are invited. A mix of any number of specialties can be seen at PracticeMatch Career Fairs.
How are the physicians contacted?
We use many different methods to alert physicians to our Career Fairs. These methods may include emails, texts, phone calls, social media, postcards, flyers, newspaper ads, radio spots, posters or feather flags on-site, and residency and fellowship coordinator visits. This blending of methods is crucial, since no single communication channel is adequate in this technology era.
Do program coordinators assist in promoting the event?
A Yes, we contact the training coordinators by email, fax, phone, and even face-to-face. We do what we can to engage them in the process, which can greatly help the physicians' careers as well as our exhibitors in contacting them.
How many doctors are expected to attend?
Obviously, attendance varies based on location, the number of physicians in the area, etc. We often see 125 or more physicians at PracticeMatch Career Fairs.
Are career fairs held near hospitals where it is convenient for physicians to attend?
Yes, we generally choose a venue that will yield the best turnout results. Since exhibitors are generally traveling anyway, we normally choose a location that is optimal for the physicians to attend.
What does it cost to exhibit at a PracticeMatch career fair?
A Prices can vary, depending on location, costs of services in the area, etc. Click here to see a list of events, prices, and possible early bird registration discounts.
Where do I register for an event?
Simply go to and click on Career Fairs in the Employers area. You may also click here.
Can I cancel my registration for exhibiting for a fair?
Yes, however, cancellation notices received within 30 days of the conference date will not have fees refunded. This is necessary since within this window of time, resources have been committed to the event and cannot be refunded. Cancellations of multiple fair registrations is not permitted.
Who do I contact if I have further questions concerning career fairs?

Madison Harris — at 800-201-4934

I need to provide a 50-word paragraph for my facility. What should I include?
A You should briefly describe your facility, including any noteworthy things that you would like physicians to know about it. These can include location specifics about the area, rankings or awards that your facility has achieved, information about the staff or culture, expansion plans, resources that would be available, etc. Keep it short (50 words is the approximate limit) and direct.
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