Physician Career Fairs Registration

Physician Registration for Chapel Hill, NC William & Ida Friday Center at Chapel Hill | 100 Friday Center Drive Chapel Hill, NC 27599 | Wednesday, April 29, 2015 | 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

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  • Dinner & an open bar is provided to all attendees throughout the entire duration of the Career Fair. Bring your family! Dress casual.
  • FREE! All attending physicians will receive the complimentary copy of: CV Review Immigration Handbook by Siskind Susser PracticePath Career Navigation Workbook Parking provided
  • All pre-registered attendees Pre-Registered attendees receive an Amazon gift cardwill receive a $25 Amazon gift card.

  • Earn an additional $25 gift card by bringing colleagues!

Our Clients are Saying:

Virtual career fairs have been extremely valuable in making connections and exploring opportunities. Considering ongoing travel restrictions, this has become an essential part of my job search. Song Jiang, Urology Fellow at Memorial Sloan Kettering

PracticeMatch's Virtual Career Fairs have been tremendously helpful in expanding my network and learning about career opportunities across the country with the click of a mouse. The booths are genuine, reliable, and informative. The staff at PracticeMatch is wonderful and always ready to assist. Sanjana Nagraj Internal Medicine Resident at Jacobi Medical Center (18 fairs)

After attending a few PracticeMatch career fairs, hospitals began reaching out to me almost daily with interest in interviewing me. The CV review provided was so helpful and the networking the career fair offered is an asset to any resident/fellow coming out of training. Irwin C. White-Gittens MD, Vascular Surgery Fellow

I have been regularly attending the virtual career fairs for a couple of months now since I am actively looking for a job. I get relevant opportunities, in hospital recruiters who are genuinely looking to recruit and ask appropriate questions regarding my preferences. I did get some good calls from opportunities from some of the hospitals. I am still in the process of finding the right job for me and will continue to participate in the PracticeMatch Virtual Career Fairs until I get to the dream job. Dr. Suhel Sabunwala. Infectious Disease Fellow at USF

I have had a great experience chatting with potential recruiters through PracticeMatch fairs. They have extensive involvement with all kinds of recruiters. Would highly recommend being involved with PracticeMatch early in residency to get an idea of the market. Anchit Bharat Nephrology Fellow at Indiana University (18 fairs)

Using the PracticeMatch was seamless and very helpful. The events are very well run and easy to navigate. Moreover, it allowed me to quickly connect with people all over the country from the comfort of my own home. Jaspreet Benipal DO, Allergy and Immunology Fellow at the University of Buffalo

I have been attending the PracticeMatch career fairs for about 6 months now and I can't say enough good things about this. I have previously gone to in-person fairs and visited career booths at major medical conferences and the web-based approach has been so much more efficient and productive. In about 30 minutes I am usually able to chat with 15-20 employers. We exchange information and I learn a great deal about the job market. I am a senior resident, getting ready to graduate and I already have multiple promising leads and connections. As well a firm offer. Jordan Steinberg, Pathology Resident at Lenox Hospital (15 fairs)

I have met a potential employer through the virtual fair where I interviewed and may be signing up soon. If it wasn't for virtual fair, I would not be able to find that program where I will likely be working for many years! Ahmar Rizwan, MD, Family Medicine Resident at Mercy Health (18 fairs)

I spoke with several recruiters through the career fair and one such conversation developed to the point of arranging a site visit. I was also able to find another opportunity listed on the website which I pursued and ultimately signed with. PracticeMatch was incredibly easy to use and convenient. Zuhair Alam Internal Medicine Resident at TriHealth Good Samaritan Hospital

PracticeMatch is the ideal way to connect with organizations that have potential needs. It's a great way to build contacts and learn what is out there. It's best to start early talking to organizations so there are no surprises when you start working on your own! Gaurav Patel Internal Medicine Resident at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center

PracticeMatch's Virtual Career Fairs make it easy for residents in their final year of training, like myself, to connect with potential employers. I can connect using my computer or my phone, which makes the fairs easy to attend even when I have had a busy day of clinic. Fairs cover a wide range of employer types and geographies so there is usually an employer attending who is hiring for my specialty in an area that I am interested in! Victor Chen Radiation Oncology Resident at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

I thought the virtual career fairs were a great way to connect with multiple recruiters in various parts of the country and most were quite helpful and reached out within minutes of my sending an interest. For someone looking for a job as a physician and wanting to cast a wide net, it was helpful to know where jobs were available, especially during COVID times when travel was more restricted. Niral Patel, DO Emergency Medicine at the University of Washington

I found the career fairs very helpful in assessing job opportunities that are available nationwide. I was able to contact and connect with various organizations that provided me with valuable information about the programs. I look forward to attending more virtual career fairs in the future. Zachary Weinerman Anesthesiologist Resident at the University of Illinois at Chicago

I spoke with dozens of employers through PracticeMatch. One of which I really liked, and they invited me out, paid for everything, and ultimately offered me the position. Joe Powers, Emergency Medicine Resident at Mercy St Vincent (Marshfield Clinic)

PracticeMatch has been one of the most useful tools in helping connect me with potential future employers. I have been able to learn about jobs outside of my local market and connect with opportunities in practice settings that I would not have otherwise known about. The online portal is easy to use and makes connecting with multiple recruiters a breeze. I would highly recommend all residents use the service! Jasdeep Gill Psychiatry Resident at the University of Washington (18 fairs)

As a fellow just starting the job search process, PracticeMatch's virtual fairs made it convenient and super easy to interact with multiple hospitals throughout the country to explore opportunities all in an effective and efficient manner. I would recommend other residents/fellows to start their job search by going to these fairs. Harsh Shah, Emergency Medicine Resident at Indiana University

Although I'm not in my last year of fellowship, I've made some great contacts through the career fairs. I've been able to talk to most major healthcare systems across America through PracticeMatch and the ones I am interested in have given me contact information. Now that I'm closer to completing fellowship and looking for a job, I have a lot of leads to great opportunities from the contacts I've made. Gayatri Gupta, Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellow at Yale New Haven Hospital

The ease of interacting with recruiters from all over the state from the comfort of my desk is the best value of this format of interaction. This has given me the confidence to ensure all my concerns for my future job are addressed well ahead in time and I will be more prepared to join work. I have the opportunity to get the place of my choice and discuss terms and conditions well in advance- all from the comfort of my desk and at my convenient timing. Santosh Dhungana

I have found PracticeMatch to be a consistent, reliable way to connect with employers in regions that interest me. I can directly reach in-house recruiters and region-specific recruiters from recruiting firms. I am not ready to sign a contract at this time, but I have gone on 3 interviews that were started at a PracticeMatch career fair! Thomas Ems, MD Emergency Medicine Resident at Prisma Health

Employers Present at the Fair

Mission Health
VCU Community Memorial Hospital
Carolinas Healthcare System
Randolph Hospital
Coastal Carolinas Health Alliance
Larson Financial