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Physician Optometry Jobs

Are you a physician searching for a job in Ophthalmology? Look no further than PracticeMatch, a free, secure, and confidential resource that allows doctors to search for healthcare employment opportunities and career fairs, manage a professional curriculum vitae (CV) and receive helpful tips on applying for that dream medical career. Browse through our extensive library of Ophthalmology job opportunities throughout United States, including the subspecialties of neuro-ophthalmology, ophthalmic pathology and pediatric ophthalmology. Start your physician job search now!

Studying, managing, diagnosing, and treating the eye and the visual system is the specialty of an ophthalmologists. Issues that affect the structure or function of the previous listed parts of the body and the eyelids and visual pathways related to them are the focus of these medical professionals. Any complications with vision are able to be handled due to the all-around, detailed knowledge of the physician concerning the eye. Surgical and medical tasks are able to be performed by this type of specialist. Ophthalmologist are also able to prescribe vision services, including glasses and contact lenses.

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