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Physician Compensation Data

PracticeMatch has partnered with Resolve to provide an exclusive benefit to PracticeMatch members. Gain access to attorneys, real-time salary data, and more.

Resolve is your top source for physician and advance practitioner contract review services and compensation data. Whether you are signing your first employment contract, or renegotiating a current one, their team ensures your terms are fair. Resolve offers free tools that let you look at salary and signing bonus numbers from real contracts (rData), as well as compare your contract to others in your specialty and region. If you need to negotiate a contract, attorneys specializing in physician employment are available to help you along the way or even negotiate on your behalf. With the right data, insights, and experts, you can negotiate like a pro and sign the contract you deserve.

In addition to these helpful free tools, Resolve offers several contract review packages, which also include expanded salary data. With these packages, an attorney will help you with the entire review and negotiation process. Resolve works only for physicians and offers flat-rate pricing at significantly lower rates than hiring an attorney on your own.

Free tools that PracticeMatch members can immediately access include:
  • Real-time, accurate physician salary data and benchmarks to make informed decisions about your total compensation.
  • A contract scorecard to rate any new or existing contract, so you know when negotiations are necessary.
  • Updates on the current J-1 waiver cycle.
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  • Join the Physician Ambassador Program to earn additional income during training;
  • Create your free PracticeMatch profile so you can apply for jobs with a click of a button;
  • Download the Career Fair List so you can save the dates.