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Hospitalist Jobs

Hospitalist careers are rewarding, well-paying, and growing at a rapid pace to keep up with the changing needs of today's healthcare systems.

Professionals who fill hospitalist positions provide continuity of care to acutely and critically ill patients throughout their hospital stays. In previous times, staff physicians would be responsible for providing this type of care, along with completing other essential job duties and working with ambulatory patients.

As a newly proven model for providing effective, patient-focused care, Hospitalist jobs are among the fastest growing in the medical industry. In fact, by 2030, hospitalist careers are expected to grow by 26%[1]. The average salary for practicing Hospitalists is $204,685 per year in base compensation[2]. Salaries vary based on geographic location, additional specializations, years of experience and the levels of care provided.

At PracticeMatch, we aim to match medical professionals with providers to fill in-demand hospitalist jobs across the country.

Within the PracticeMatch job search platform, we provide access to hundreds of hospitalist jobs including Nocturnist and Intensivist jobs at hospitals big and small. Our database also includes opportunities with companies who provide institutional services and with Academic Medical Careers, a popular employer for hospitalists seeking a different direction in their career.

Take the Next Step in Your Hospitalist Career

Hospitalist positions are some of the most grueling in the medical industry, often with shifts ranging between one to two weeks matched by equal time off. If you thrive under pressure in your hospitalist career and are looking for your next opportunity - or, if you have the education and expertise in internal medicine to move into a hospitalist job, we encourage you to find your next position with PracticeMatch.

Along with one of the largest hospitalist career databases online, we offer free access to CV management tools, tips to help you during your job search, nationwide career fairs & much more.

Search open hospitalist positions with PracticeMatch today. Apply online.

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