Physician Testimonials

Physician Career Fair Testimonial - Darshana Alle, MD photo
I just got out of the PracticeMatch Career Fair, and it was a great experience. Everyone was really friendly, really welcoming, and actually I got a lot of information regarding my specialty and other specialties as well for my friends. Darshana Alle, MD
Physician Career Fair Testimonial - Beauford Basped. MD photo
I met many wonderful people with great opportunities in Dallas as well as other locales. The opportunities are very promising. . Beauford Basped. MD
Physician Career Fair Testimonial - Jessica Kim, NP & Amy Ngo, NP photo
The Dallas Career fair was excellent! Everyone took their time to talk with us and told us who to contact regarding NP/PA opportunities. They did a great job letting us know about the hiring process. We were also excited to hear about opportunities nationwide, such as in Iowa. It was a great use of our time. Jessica Kim, NP & Amy Ngo, NP
Physician Career Fair Testimonial - James Kingsley, MD photo
I found a lot of helpful information and moonlighting opportunities as a resident that would have been hard to find online. James Kingsley, MD
Physician Career Fair Testimonial - Aleksander Kuzmin, MD photo
I was quite happy today to visit this event, to talk to organizations and hospitals, and to present my credentials. I think it's a very useful experience. Aleksander Kuzmin, MD
Physician Career Fair Testimonial - Iqbal Memon, MD photo
The Career Fair at Dallas was exceptional, fantastic, and a very informative experience. This is “the” experience of 2017 for me thus far. The staff was very friendly and amazing. The vendors were well-educated and cordial. I benefited a lot from this experience and will come back again as well as recommend it to my colleagues. Iqbal Memon, MD
Physician Career Fair Testimonial - John Morrison, MD photo
I think that it was very informative. It was good to see what's out there. Overall, it was a very good opportunity and very good experience. John Morrison, MD
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Our Clients are Saying:

testimonial "Absolutely wonderful! I feel we may get at least 2 hires from this event!"
Baltimore Exhibitor, ,

testimonial "Awesome changes in customer service, professionalism and venue- very welcoming and professional staff."
Dallas Exhibitor, ,

testimonial "Easy way to connect with prospective candidates with the ability to be direct and get to the point."
Frank Galavani, , Sound Physicians

testimonial "Everyone was very helpful and the atmosphere is always very friendly."
Seattle Exhibitor, ,

testimonial "Excellent traffic"
Saint Louis Exhibitor, ,

testimonial "I had a great experience with Practice Match’s Virtual Career Fair for the Northeast. I engaged with many physicians and produced multiple leads that have turned into placements for our recruiting team."
Will Bruce, , Jackson Physician Search

testimonial "It was very well done. We felt very supported leading up to the event and during. Loved the candidate profile up and available while chatting with the candidate. Made the time much more efficient. Also liked the ability to forward candidate information to other members of our team who are recruiting for different specialties. Great experience overall. Kudos to the PracticeMatch Career Fair team."
Pam Lasser, , St. Francis

testimonial "Loved the service! 1 hour set up and food for exhibitors really allowed us to network together."
Nashville Exhibitor, ,

testimonial "The PracticeMatch staff was very nice, funny and most importantly, helpful."
Newark Exhibitor, ,

testimonial "The virtual CF was definitely a success. Between myself and 2 colleagues, we spoke to over 46 candidates. Those conversations have already converted to several referrals to our hospitals and practices. The process was easy and it was nice to engage with candidates in a different type of format."
Bridget Mitchel, , HCA

testimonial "This is one of the best Career Fairs I’ve ever attended and I got a great Urology lead!!"
Chapel Hill Exhibitor, ,

testimonial "Very satisfied with improvements from last year. Much better organized and more physicians!"
Cleveland Exhibitor, ,

testimonial "While being a part of the virtual career fair, I was in contact with many physicians from all specialties and areas. It was a great tool to communicate and gain leads for me as a recruiter."
Hunter Beach, , Jackson Physician Search