Nurse Practitioner / Physician Assistant

Togiak Subregion Clinic
Facility: Togiak Subregion Clinic 
Address: 67 miles west of Dillingham 
Togiak, AK 99678 
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Opportunity Criteria
Specialty: Preventive Medicine 
Candidate Type: MD, DO 
Visas Accepted: No J1 or H1
Loan Repayment: Not Specified
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JOB TITLE: Physician Assistant/ Nurse Practitioner - Togiak Sub regional Clinic


Position Summary:

Provides primary health care in the Togiak Subregion clinics, in accordance to BBAHC and CHAP policies and procedures. Coordinates and develops with BBAHC departments and staff the preventive health care services in accordance to the HRSA grant. Assists in the development of the Togiak Subregional Clinic. Provide leadership and administrative support for the Community Health Aide/Practitioner Program. Provides general guidance and ongoing evaluation through Patient Encounter Audits. Provides on-site training and evaluation bi-annually for Togiak Subregional clinic. Surveys village clinic for compliance with daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly quality checks. Provides advice to CHAP management regarding conduct of village clinic business and of CHA/Ps.

Collaborates with CHAP and BBAHC staff, local Traditional Village and City Councils, and staff from other agencies to ensure the best possible healthcare within the assigned village and/or Subregion.


Qualification Requirements:

Licensed in Alaska as a Board Certified Physician’s Assistant or Family Nurse Practitioner.

ACLS, BLS and PALS certification required

Two years’ experience as a Mid-Level Practitioner (MLP).

Experienced in emergency care.

Strong physical assessment, supervisory, and teaching skills.

Able to effectively use English for both written and verbal communication.

Prefer ability to speak one of the local native languages.

Dependable, and maintains confidentiality.

Prefer permanent Resident of Bristol Bay region.

Commitment to the job for a minimum of two years.

Able to perform the physical demands of the job.


Essential Functions:  

Adheres to and enforces BBAHC and CHAP policies and procedures.  

Consistently adheres to and enforces BBAHC and CHAP policies and procedures.  

Maintains confidentiality concerning corporate business and finances, employee relations, and patient information. 

Is punctual, reliable, and maintains ability to perform the duties of the job. 

Complies with and enforces standard infection control precautions.  

Within scope of practice, provides primary health care in village clinic(s). Participates with other CHAP staff to make the department run smoothly and efficiently. 

Administers patient care based on the philosophy and the objectives of the Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation and within the designated scope of practice.  

Provides initial evaluation and treatment planning, including: outpatient evaluation, history taking, physical examination, and patient education. Provides appropriate individualized therapeutic planning for patients using clinical observation, the medical care plan, and other available hospital and community resources.  

Operates EKG, X-ray, fetal monitoring, and other equipment after appropriate training and if available in the clinic. Makes initial assessment of findings before forwarding the records to BBAHC for definitive diagnosis. Obtains and processes laboratory specimens as appropriate.  

Reviews and discusses patient records and patients with referral physician by radio/phone/fax/telemed or during regular physician site visits. 

Refers complicated patient problems to the BBAHC physician for consultation during physician site visits. 

Refers patients needing emergency care to the appropriate resource through BBAHC physician.  

Prepares the patient and family for treatment by advising as to the nature of the therapeutic or diagnostic procedure, indications, potential risks, expectations, and alternative modes of therapy. Provides information concerning cost factors and insurance reimbursement as required.  

Communicates hospital and clinic policies to staff, patients, families and the public. Acts as liaison for patients or CHA/Ps with problems or questions.  

Submits documentation for patient billing to BBAHC according to established policies and procedures.  

Assists CHA/P in the ordering, organization, and maintenance of supplies, equipment, and medication in the assigned clinic.  

Works closely with other departments such as diabetes, Health Education, CHAP and behavioral health programs for development and dissemination of preventive health education and information to area residents  

Assists CHA/P in the establishment, maintenance and revision of filing and record keeping in the assigned clinic.  

Facilitates medical traffic between referral physicians and clinic staff through periodic monitoring and problem resolution.  

Is available on-call twenty-four hours a day for medical emergencies whenever present in the community. 

Trains and monitors staff in Medicaid Outreach efforts.  

Works with the CHAP Training Coordinator to plan, implement, and evaluate CHA/P orientation and training in classroom and clinical setting. Teaches primary health care skills, health education, and preventive health techniques to CHA/Ps.  

Participates in CHAP performance improvement planning, monitoring and interventions. Assists in monitoring performance of clinic staff through observation and reports of clinical performance and through monthly review of patient encounter forms and other patient records, monthly logs, timesheets, and other submitted reports.  

At least twice a year review clinic services, update CHA/P skills lists, performs a mock survey for Joint Commission readiness and provide on-site instruction to clinic staff according to identified needs. Assists with inventory of CHAP and Emergency Medical Services equipment in each assigned village clinic. Maintains yearly CLIA competency testing for assigned villages. Ensures monthly checklist, and emergency checklists are performed in each clinic.  

Provides semi-independent, general administrative support and leadership for clinic staff in assigned villages. Assists clinics to obtain needed supplies and equipment. Contacts each assigned village clinic at least weekly as appropriate. 

Completes a performance evaluation of each assigned clinic staff member Bi-annually.  

Travels to assigned villages within the assigned sub-region to assure delivery of on-site primary care and health education to the residents of those villages at least twice a year Works with the local HRSA Advisory Committee, local Traditional Village Council and/or local City Council in the development, organization, and maintenance of the assigned clinic.

 Participates with other CHAP staff to make the department run smoothly and efficiently with the HRSA objectives.

 Effectively communicates and collaborates with other CHAP staff and BBAHC Community Services departments, Traditional Village Councils, village residents, staff from other local and statewide agencies, and visitors to the workplace. Keeps immediate supervisor promptly and fully informed of all problems or unusual matters.

 Acts as a professional resource and role model for CHA/Ps. Provides general administrative support and clinical supervision for clinic staff while in assigned village(s).

 Cooperates with the CHAP department for the CHA/P’s orientation and training in the clinical setting. Assists CHAP as a clinical instructor in the assigned clinic, teaching primary health care skills, health education, and preventive health techniques to CHA/Ps.

 Participates in the performance improvement process with each of the five communities within the Togiak Subregion. Also participated in the planning, monitoring and interventions, and in policy and procedure development for the HRSA grant.

 Provides the Field Coordinator a Behavioral Competency Feedback to be used in the performance evaluation of each assigned clinic staff member at least annually and upon completion of each session of Basic Health Aide training.

 Maintains and enhances healthcare skills. Successfully completes the ongoing education programs associated with employment by BBAHC and CHAP. Keeps BBAHC Training Coordinator and BBAHC Human Resources Department supplied with documentation of completed training and education.

 Attends and successfully completes BBAHC training sessions in the annual mandatory review of BBAHC and Personnel policies and procedures Maintains current card in Basic Life Support Provider (BLSP), and certification in Advanced Coronary Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), and Medevac Escort.

 Maintains skills to provide emergency medical care. Has successfully completed an emergency medical care course within 5 years prior to employment or within 1 year after employment. Emergency Medical Technician-I or higher preferred.

 Maintains licensure/certification current in compliance with applicable state/federal regulations.

 Maintains satisfactory performance of, and ability to teach the skills, on the Alaska Community Health Aide Program Post-Session Practice Checklist and in the CHAP Policy and Procedure Manual, within the scope of licensure/certification.

 Makes satisfactory progress toward achieving development plan and work plan recommendations.



Works closely with Medical Staff and CHAP in the development of the Togiak Subregional clinic in accordance with the HRSA grant.

Manage the day to day operations of the Togiak Subregional Clinic.

Oversees administrative and supervisory functions of the Togiak Subregional Clinic.

Enforces BBAHC Policies and Procedures and strictly adheres to confidentiality policies with clinic staff.

Implements progressive discipline according to policy when warranted.

Processes personnel information through BBAHC’s Personnel Department.

Participates in the recruitment and hiring process of clinic staff.

Directs and delegates clinic activities.

Develops and trains staff to meet the needs of the patients.

Assists office staff with patient registration and assistance

Provides patient care as needed when an emergency arises.

Monitors performance of assigned clinic staff through: direct observation; reports of clinical performance; periodic review of timesheets, monthly logs, patient encounter forms, patient records; and other submitted reports as required.

Completes monthly paperwork in a timely manner and submits to appropriate BBAHC staff in accordance with paperwork schedule.

Completes a performance evaluation of each assigned staff member biannually.

Mediates differences between clinic staff and the Village Council, village residents, and others.

Train and supervise temporary employees.

Oversees Medicaid Outreach efforts for the Togiak clinic.

Delegates and supervises PSLNs to other CHA/Ps as needed.

Directs patient billing and accounting systems in cooperation with BBAHC’s existing systems.

Ensure the clinic is adequately equipped with clinical and administrative supplies.

Coordinates the maintenance and repair of all existing medical equipment and instruments with the Biomedical Department.

Monitors inventory control, purchase medical and pharmaceutical supplies through BBAHC’s existing systems.

Works with the local Traditional Village Council to assure that village healthcare needs are met.

Builds, promotes and maintains a positive relationship between FSWs, CHRs and the local Wellness Team.



Work is performed in clinical setting. Must be able to see, hear, speak, walk, sit, bend, kneel, and lift and carry up to 30 pounds with or without accommodation. Include specific requirements (e.g., color acuity) as needed. May be required to travel to villages in small, unpressurized aircraft. This is a (Full-Time) position. Attendance in accordance with the BBAHC Attendance policy is a job requirement.

Usually works independently in a sub-regional or village clinic with radio/telephone/fax/telemed/computer contact with referral hospital. Hours of work will vary depending on clinic hours, patient needs, and the needs of the department. Physical demands of the job require vision, hearing, touch, manual dexterity, health, and strength that will accommodate the following activities:

  • Frequent and extensive handwriting. The use of medical devices and the use of electronic communication devices such as radio, telephone, fax, telemed, and computer. Repetitive motions of the hands, wrists and arms.
  • Frequent light reaching, bending, lifting, pushing and pulling (0-30 pounds). Occasional moderate to heavy pushing, pulling or lifting (20-50 pounds or more).
  • Extensive travel in unpressurized aircraft, private vehicles, small boats, snowmobiles, or all-terrain-vehicles in all weather conditions.
  • High potential for exposure to infectious diseases, blood and other body products.


RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHERS: Interacts and works cooperatively on a professional level with Statewide Alaska Community Health Aide Program, BBAHC coworkers, local Traditional Village Councils, local City Councils, patients, village residents, Village Protection Safety Officers, teachers, Public Health Nurses, physicians, other healthcare providers, and staff from other local and statewide agencies. Works with people who use English as a second language and with people of varied sociocultural origins. Is cognizant of and able to adjust to the culture, lifestyle and challenges of rural Alaska. The individual must demonstrate knowledge of the principles of growth and development over the life span (e.g. pediatric/adult/geriatric) of the patient. Must possess the ability to assess data reflective of the patient’s status and interpret the appropriate information needed to identify each patient’s requirements relative to his/her age specific needs. Must provide the care needed as described in the assigned unit’s policies and procedures.


POSITIONS SUPERVISED: Assist BBAHC medical staff with the clinical supervision of Community Health Aide and Community Health Practitioner while providing primary care within assigned village(s).



Administrative supervision is provided by the Director of Community Health Services or designee.

Clinical supervision is provided by a physician assigned from the Medical Staff of Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation or Alaska Native Medical Center

High potential for exposure to hazardous situations.

Occasional performance of emergency care outside the clinic in a patient’s home or outdoors in all weather conditions.

Togiak is located in the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge which protects 7 islands full of birds, mammals and sea life in order to provide sanctuary and also public use and enjoyment of these resources and the opportunity for educational study, photography, viewing and enjoyment of these natural habitats. As of July 1, 2016 there were 835 residents which is only 33 more than 2000 census counts. Elevation of Togiak is 3' above sea level. The Togiak River is a popular fly-in-fishing destination for King, Silver and Rainbow sport fishing.

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