WorkTies™ Database

What is WorkTies™?

Our most expansive database, WorkTies™, allows you to view a potential candidate's full work history for all medical profession types.

WorkTies™ profiles can be viewed independently, or the data can be used to enhance Pinpoint and MedTies profiles. Search by an individual NPI number, search by a group, or upload a list of NPI numbers to search our databases for matches - if a match is found, we will create a folder of those candidates within 24 hours.

WorkTies™ seamlessly integrates with Portfolio allowing you to add notes for candidates, send email campaigns, or send a mail campaign.

Potential Criteria include:

  • NPI reported taxonomy codes
  • Work history
  • Credentials
  • Graduation year
  • Medical school
  • Gender
  • Associated facilities

WorkTies™ also includes standalone viewable profiles complete with the above information.

Searches Include:

  • Group Search

    Search for candidates based on specialty, profession, taxonomy code, business address, and license states.
  • Profile Search

    Search for individual candidates by name, NPI reported specialty and/or NPI number.
  • NPI Upload

    Upload your candidate list and match your candidates with already-existing candidates in PinPoint and MedTies — a custom folder will be created within 24 hours..

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