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At PracticeMatch we have a number of databases containing information on over 10 million different types of healthcare professionals. This includes physicians, advanced practice providers, non-clinicians, non-APPs, dentists, IT, executives, counselors, and more.



Pinpoint contains information on over 440,000 physicians, all of which are interviewed by PracticeMatch. We interview over 40% of graduating residents and fellows each year.

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Our MedTies database contains current contact information for over 1.1 million practicing physicians, all of which are registered with the AMA. To keep this information current, it Is first compared to the AMA master database, and is then compared to information in the ABMS and State Boards.

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Advanced Practitioners


With access to information entered by nearly 46,000 advanced practitioners spread across 6 profession types and 45 specialties, APMatch allows you to search for providers using key data points such as status (student or practicing), years of experience, and licensure. APMatch can be used for email campaigns, call lists, and direct mail campaigns.

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Containing AMA-sourced data on nearly 600,000 advanced practitioner job seekers across 5 professions, AdvPrac allows you to run searches based on specialty, licensure, and other key data points. AdvPrac can be used for marketing campaigns, downloading phone numbers, downloading addresses, or creating email campaigns.

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Physicians, Allied Health, and other Medical Professionals


The WorkTies database contains information on over 8 million candidates pulled from NPI, Physician Compare, and Medicare. With the WorkTies database, you can view a potential candidate's full employment history in any medical profession type. Profiles in WorkTies can be viewed independently or can be used to enhance profiles in Pinpoint and MedTies. These standalone profiles include information like graduation year, credentials, medical school, and more.

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HCPTies houses candidate data on over 3.7 million candidates across 8 professions and over 2,100 specialties, including IT, admin, nursing, technology, therapy, and more. HCPTies allows you to employ and manage tracking, reporting, and multichannel marketing campaigns all in one place. You can also search using profession, specialty, and a radius search for preferred home and business addresses.

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