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Platform Tools

Portfolio™ offers a suite of tools and features designed to optimize healthcare staffing and recruitment processes. With Portfolio, you can efficiently manage candidate data, streamline applicant tracking, execute targeted email campaigns, and gain valuable insights through a comprehensive reporting system.

We can help you ensure that your time and effort spent recruiting are done so in the most cost-effective way. Portfolio helps combine both passive and active sourcing techniques. Passive sourcing involves seeking out candidates using social media, email campaigns, text campaigns, and direct mail campaigns, among other methods.

Our Platform Tools

Data Management

Portfolio seamlessly integrates with PracticeMatch's physician databases, providing one-click access to essential data for all current job openings and candidates. It combines passive and active sourcing techniques, allowing you to efficiently monitor and engage all types of candidates.

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Our integrated broadcast email system simplifies reaching out to candidates, providing tracking capabilities to identify the most engaged individuals. This tool integrates with our data management system to enhance your sourcing process and offers extensive customization options to align with your requirements.

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Candidate Tracking

Track a candidate using a variety of details based on where they're at in the recruitment process. This information includes contact attempts, applies, interviews, site visits, and any opportunities they've declined. You can also add notes to candidate profiles, create candidate profiles from scratch, download profiles in a single PDF, and more.

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ActiveLeads is the newest enhancement to PracticeMatch. Get daily leads that have recently shown interest in similar opportunities to those you have posted on our job board.

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Portfolio contains a variety of reports that can be run on an entire folder of candidates, opportunities, and more. Select which fields of information should be included in your report to get the exact information you need and download your information as a spreadsheet or a PDF.

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Instantly contact qualified candidates and enhance your provider recruitment strategy with a modern tool. TextMatch offers reporting and tracking, and is also compatible with Pinpoint and APMatch databases, providing verified cell phone numbers and the ability to schedule campaigns up to 2 weeks in advance.

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CV Builder

Implement our CV Builder tool into your landing page on the PracticeMatch website or on your website by requesting your Client Account Manager to enable it. Any information submitted will be stored exclusively for your facility.

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Job Board

Post your open opportunities for Advanced Practitioners, Physicians, and non-clinicians on our job board, viewed by thousands of healthcare providers each month. Our job board showcases jobs in 50 states and territories across all specialties.

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Job Embedding

PracticeMatch offers a solution to the challenge of maintaining job listings on both client websites and the PracticeMatch Career Center. We will provide you with a single piece of code that, once integrated by the IT department, allows job postings on our job board to automatically appear on your website, streamlining job posting management.

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XML Job Feeds

Facilitate the transfer of jobs between systems by using XML job feeds. The requirements for a job feed include job title, specialty, profession, recruiter, job site, and detailed job descriptions, with the potential to include other fields and various salary information for compliance purposes.

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API Integrations

Learn about our assortment of API integrations to optimize your physician recruitment workflow.

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