Client Sourcing Solutions

How Does Client Sourcing Work?

Cold calling and sourcing can be a chore, but we can help! You provide the direction. We do the rest.

A PracticeMatch Client Sourcing Project Manager will assist you in locating interested physician candidates for your open positions. Your Client Sourcing Project Manager will complement your recruitment efforts, not compete with them. We can easily source for a wide variety of physician specialties. There are no back-end fees.

See how Client Sourcing works!

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Your assigned Client Sourcing Project Manager will do:

Cold Calling
Targeted cold calling campaign to candidates that match your criteria. We call on your behalf from our personally-interviewed physician database, comprised of over 400,000 verified US physicians. A typical 100 hour calling campaign generates 1,000+ calls.
Extension of your in-house team
We call exclusively as a representative of your facility.
Job Postings
We design and feature your job posting on multiple job sites.
Forward qualified leads
Leads are briefly interviewed and sent to you for consideration.
Our team creates and sends custom email blast campaigns featuring your opening
Text Campaigns
We create compelling text message campaigns encouraging candidates to learn more about your unique opportunity.
Periodic updates, reporting the progress of candidate responses to your project.

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