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Client Sourcing

We're here to support you through more than a job search – we will provide you with insight on national trends and candidate feedback on your opportunity. We'll help you create a better sourcing strategy by partnering with our Client Sourcing Specialists and Client Advisors.

Throughout the sourcing process, the Client Sourcing Specialists are responsible for cold calling, creating job postings, initiating text campaigns, and sending custom email blasts. They will briefly interview qualified leads to gather information such as what the candidate is currently doing, why they're interested in the opportunity, and how they can be contacted before they are passed on to you.

When you sign up for Client Sourcing, a Client Advisor will be assigned to manage your account. A Sourcing Kickoff meeting will be scheduled to fully understand the parameters of your job opportunity, as well as any challenges you have been facing while trying to source for the role. Your Client Advisor will provide you with project updates at the frequency of your choosing, during which they will convey the status of candidate responses.

Once you've completed your Client Sourcing Kickoff call with your assigned Client Advisor and you've shared the parameters of and challenges with your job opportunity, you can look forward to a team of 10 Physician & APP Sourcing Specialists working on your project. They will use different combinations of strategies in their day-to-day recruiting efforts while getting the best return on investment from those efforts. Our activities warm up the cold, passive, and active candidate pools to introduce them to and engage them in your job opportunity.

The Physician & APP Sourcing Specialists will have a personal conversation with all candidates to ensure that they meet the medical training and job-specific criteria that you provided in the Kickoff call.

If the candidate expresses interest in moving forward with you and your opening, we will submit them to you in a formal candidate submission email.

Screened Candidates, Communication & Milestones

Submitting Screened Candidates

Our Physician & APP Sourcing Specialists will submit a formal candidate presentation letter to you in an email with a read receipt. The presentation letter will consist of 3 paragraphs:

  • Current work or training status of the candidate
  • Why the candidate is interested in your job opportunity
  • Current contact information and best possible days/times to connect with the candidate

Routine Clarification and Updates

Your Client Advisor or Physician & APP Sourcing Specialist will reach out to you for clarification on your job opportunity if necessary. If it's a simple question, we'll email you. If it requires a conversation, we will schedule a short conference call with you. We'll keep it brief and concise.

The Physician & APP Sourcing Specialists are assigned to your account.

Consultative Communication

As sourcing trends change and challenge the parameters of your job opening, we will schedule video calls with you to discuss our findings. From there, we will recommend options for adjusting our sourcing activities to stay competitive.

We will provide insight based on our national sourcing expertise on the specialty that is being sourced to align candidate acceptance trends with your job opportunity's parameters.

Milestone Reporting

Milestone reporting on the progress of the candidate search, as well as search statistics, will be delivered to you.

If you need updates or reports for communication with your team or organization that fall outside of the milestone reporting, we can do that too. We'll identify that in the Kickoff Call and make it part of the reporting process for you.

Sourcing Models

At PracticeMatch, we offer a variety of candidate sourcing models to choose from for you to best meet your needs:

Hourly Model

This model begins with an allotment of 90 hours and goes up to as many hours as you need. With this model, you can add an experienced Sourcing Specialist to your team to create targeted candidate lists to text, email, and call to add additional talent to your pipeline.

Global Model

In this model, you can add full marketing support and recruitment marketing efforts to what is included in the Hourly Model.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Already-existing Pinpoint clients will have the opportunity to work directly with a Sourcing Specialist, as though the Specialist were on their team. This Sourcing Specialist will follow your procedures for sourcing, adding an experienced staff member to your team.

Primary Sourcing

With this model, requiring a 3-month minimum commitment, we will create and post 5 job descriptions for you, send texts and email blasts to a qualified candidate pool for each job each month. We will then forward each interested candidate's contact information to you for further discussion.

Free, No-Obligation Walkthrough or Consultation

We'd love to tell you more about how PracticeMatch can make your job easier:

Client Sourcing with PracticeMatch — How it Works