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Marketing Solutions

At PracticeMatch, we have a diverse range of marketing solutions available to aid you in your provider recruitment efforts. With an arsenal of tools like direct mail campaigns, digital marketing, addressable geofencing, and our newest addition, residency level marketing, we're confident that you'll find the tool that is perfect for you and the needs of your organization.

While each solution works in a different way, they all allow you to choose your desired audience and target them directly so you're not wasting any time putting your message in front of those who aren't actively seeking opportunities. No matter how you're looking to engage healthcare providers, we have the tools to help you achieve your recruitment goals.

List of marketing solutions at PracticeMatch



Whether your focus is on Residency Programs, upgrading your presence at specialty conferences, or leveling up your overall recruitment strategy into a streamlined recruitment marketing plan, we have the skills, knowledge, and creative passion to bring your project to life.

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Direct Mail Campaigns

By employing a direct mail campaign, you have the opportunity to send a postcard directly to a specific list of candidates to grab their attention and inform them about any open positions you have.

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Custom Digital Marketing

Use custom digital marketing to reach candidates via social media posts, digital ad campaigns, custom event planning, and more.

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Addressable Geofencing

Start a display campaign using street addresses to target your desired candidate audience, resulting in improved ad reach.

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Residency Level Marketing

Reach residents through a multiprong marketing campaign to build rapport with a bench of candidates before you need to recruit them.

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