Apr 13, 2010: PracticeMatch Adds 700,000 Additional Physician Email Addresses

PracticeMatch is pleased to announce a new service that will allow clients to license more than 700,000 additional physician email addresses. Using the PracticeMatch system, in-house physician recruiters can now reach more qualified candidates instantly with information about available positions.

This new service provides in-house physician recruiters with an easy and efficient method of sourcing candidates. "Email marketing is fast, affordable, and simple to track," says Charlie Holland, president of PracticeMatch. "So we've developed this new option in an effort to make the jobs of in-house physician recruiters a bit easier and to improve their results."

The PracticeMatch system allows in-house physician recruiters to control their campaigns from start to finish. Users can select criteria for their email’s recipients, compose the email the way they wish, and send the email at the time and date of their choosing. They can also track the delivery results and view the names and profiles of those individuals who read the email or clicked a link. In-house recruiters will also receive any email responses directly, without having to deal with a gatekeeper.

For more information, contact:

Chris Shatzer
Vice President of Sales
Toll Free: 800-201-1272
Email: chris.shatzer@practicematch.com

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