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Neurology Jobs

PracticeMatch is an online resource matching qualified physicians to Neurology Jobs across the country.

A career in neurology is demanding, and taking the next step in your journey can be both time consuming and stressful. We make the process of applying for Neurologist jobs easy, providing an extensive library of open neurology positions at private practices, medical centers, academic institutions & more across the country.

Neurology jobs listed on PracticeMatch are constantly changing, so we're sure to have a position right for you.

Grow Your Neurology Career with PracticeMatch

Neurological physicians are always in demand, due to the complexity of conditions they treat. Neurologists are experts at diagnosing, managing and treating conditions that occur within the brain, spinal cord, nervous system, muscles and blood vessels and routinely work with patients who have headaches, strokes, seizure disorders, nerve diseases or internal injuries.

Muscular dystrophy, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Huntington's disease are also commonly treated by a Neurologist, while some doctors in this specialty are also active in rehabilitation and research. While there is a wide range of procedures performed by a Neurologist, some of the more basic tasks include CAT scans, spinal taps, electromyographs, sleep observations and studies, and electroencephalograms. Neurologists also must perform more advanced procedures, like detailed brain surgery to remove damaged tissue.

Becoming a Neurologist is no easy task, with an average 12 years spent in undergraduate, medical school, internship and residency programs. Working towards a neurology job is worth the training, with an average annual salary over $200,000.

Whether you're looking for your first position in Neurology or are looking for a change, PracticeMatch is your online resource for Neurology jobs.

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PracticeMatch makes it easy to apply for neurology jobs online, and provides physicians with the resources they need to succeed in their job search. We list thousands of jobs across a wide range of specialties including hundreds of neurology jobs across the country posted directly by employers. We also provide resources including local careers fairs, online curriculum vitae (CV) management and helpful advice for applying, interviewing for and landing your dream position in neurology.

Take the next step in your Neurology job search. Create your free profile and search open positions with PracticeMatch now!