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Physician Pathology Jobs

Are you a physician searching for a pathology job? Browse our extensive library of Pathologist job opportunities throughout United States, including the subspecialties of anatomic and clinical pathology. Start your physician job search now!

Pathologist Responsibilities

A pathologist's key responsibility is to identify the cause of diseases. The identification of these causes helps aid in diagnosis, management, monitoring, and eventual treatment of the disease. Information that a pathologist may acquire is some of the most useful information due to the fact that the basis of physician thinking revolves around the patient. A pathologist job includes performing tests and examinations of cells, body fluids, and tissue via lab tests or observations underneath a microscope. Anatomic pathologist investigates a disease and how it may affect the human body. This type of medical professional works mostly in hospitals investigating human bodies through the technique of autopsies, whereas clinical pathologists work in labs analyzing tests done with fluids, tissues, and other specimens.

Pathology Jobs Outlook

The healthcare industry is continuing to grow, and pathologists are more in-demand than ever. As the elderly population of the US increases, pathology jobs will be critical to providing accurate diagnoses and treatment of patients.

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