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Hospitalist Jobs

Hospitalist Physicians

Hospitalist Physicians were created to address the changing needs of today's healthcare systems. The days of overextended Physicians providing their patients medical coverage at the clinic and hospital are starting to wane. Hospitalists are now stepping up to provide care for their patients when hospitalization becomes a necessary. The majority of Hospitalist Physicians are board certified in Internal Medicine and frequently choose to pursue additional training to become board certified in hospital-based care. Some Hospitalists also work as Nocturnists (covering nighttime shifts) or Intensivists (working with the critically ill). Whatever their focus may be, Hospitalists help deliver quality, hospital-based medical care to an acutely ill population.

Job Forecast

Hospitalists have some of the highest expected growth rates amongst all the medical specialties. By 2030, the Hospitalist profession is expected to grow by 26%(1). Forecasts project that future demands for this profession will require an additional 7200 Hospitalists to meet the required needs(1). The southern region of the U.S. is expected to be a hot bed for future hiring efforts as their needs will be greatest(1).

Average Salary

Practicing Hospitalist Physicians average around $204,685 a year in base compensation(2). These salaries can vary considerably based on geographic location of practice, additional specializations, years of experience and the levels of care provided.

Practice Locations

While Hospitalists limit their practice to hospital-settings, some choose to pursue employment opportunities with companies that provide institutional services. Others seek work with group practices that frequently admit patients and need assistance with hospital coverage. Academic Medical Centers are also a popular employer for Hospitalists and provide teaching opportunities for those who are seeking something different.


Many Hospitalists enjoy flexibility in scheduling due to a popular shift-work model that is frequently utilized by hospitals. These shifts last 1-2 weeks and help provide patient continuity of care. This allows Physicians the ability to have larger blocks of time off work to pursue other interests making it an attractive option. Hospitalist work also allows Physicians to hand off care to others and "leave work at the office" so they can fully enjoy their downtime. There are some notable disadvantages to this profession, like stress and grueling hours. Working on your feet all day caring for intensively ill and hospitalized patients can be relentless and stressful. This can lead to higher levels of stress and burnout.

For more information on available Hospitalist Physician job opportunities visit PracticeMatch's job board.


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