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Dermatology Jobs

Simplify your Dermatology job search with PracticeMatch.

PracticeMatch is a free, secure and confidential resource connecting dermatologists with a wide range of job opportunities across the country within a simple online interface.

PracticeMatch provides hundreds of dermatologist job opportunities in a variety of practice settings and subspecialties, and is sure to have an exciting opportunity perfect for the next step in your career.

Becoming a Dermatologist

The start to a rewarding career in dermatology begins with undergraduate studies, a four-year medical degree, an internship and a three-year residency program.

These physicians are experts in the study, care and treatment of the skin and are tasked with diagnosing and treating skin cancers, infectious diseases occupying the skin and a variety of sexually transmitted diseases.

Aside from treating issues pertaining to the epidermis and dermis, dermatologists also monitor the mouth, hair and nails of a patient. Common procedures performed by a dermatologist may include hair transplants or removal, tattoo removal, cosmetic injections, surgeries and allergy testing.

Apply for Dermatology Jobs with PracticeMatch

At PracticeMatch, we provide dermatologists with a variety of job opportunities perfect for any stage of their career.

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