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Physician Urgent-Care Jobs

Urgent care jobs are some of the most fast-paced and unique in the medical industry. For urgent care physicians, every day brings new challenges. Typically, urgent care physicians treat non-life-threatening conditions, such as the common cold, injuries, cuts and bruises.

Because of their similarity, most urgent care opportunities have the same job requirements as Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine professionals. For minor issues, many patients don't want to go through the hassle of seeing their primary care physician and don't need to go to the ER if their condition is non-life threatening. Seeing an urgent care physician is the perfect compromise between the two.

Many urgent care jobs are in convenient walk-in healthcare settings, and can be found in standalone offices, shopping centers and national pharmacy chains.

Are Urgent Care Jobs Right for Me?

Urgent Care opportunities are great for many medical professionals, especially those early in their careers. Working in an urgent care clinic exposes a physician to many different conditions without the pressure of working in the ER. Working in urgent care can certainly be a stepping stone to emergency medicine jobs or starting a family practice down the road for those looking to build their resume.

Urgent care professionals love variety, working fast and thinking on their feet. Urgent care physicians can work odd hours, but never overnight. Think 12-hour shifts some days and four-hour shifts on others with ample time off during the workweek.

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