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Internal Medicine Jobs

Internal Medicine Physicians (Internists) provide comprehensive medical care to adolescent and adult patient populations. This care includes office and hospital based diagnosis and treatment of both simple and complex chronic medical issues.

They work on the front lines of cardiovascular and pulmonary disease care while also promoting disease prevention, screening and wellness strategies to their patients. To help ensure that Internists are ready to meet the challenges of providing this care, they undergo 3 years of additional specialized training to obtain an Internal Medicine board certification.

At PracticeMatch, we play an important role in ensuring internal medicine jobs are filled by the experts in the field. We list hundreds of internal medicine jobs across the country. Learn more about physician internal medicine jobs below, or search active internal medicine jobs above.

Internal Medicine Job Forecast

Physicians practicing Internal Medicine are in high demand. This need will increase over the coming years as the U.S. population ages and more Internists retire. Of the 101,000 actively practicing Internists in the U.S. today, over 42% are over 55 years old. This means that over the next few decades there will be an increasing shortage of Internists as they begin to retire. Although these numbers seem bleak, it is good news for Internal Medicine Physicians looking for new job opportunities and steady future employment.

Average Salary for Internal Medicine Jobs

Practicing Internal Medicine Physicians average around $222,000 a year in base compensation. These salaries can vary considerably based on geographic location of practice, years of experience, level of care provided and any additional sub-specializations a Physician may possess.

Internal Medicine Practice Locations

Most Internist jobs are found in either solo or group private practice settings. While private practice is a popular option, some Internists choose to work in General Hospitals, Outpatient Care Centers, Academia or specialty hospitals. Internists interested in teaching may wish to pursue employment opportunities available at an Academic Medical Center. These positions allow Physicians to maintain a clinical practice while also molding the young medical minds of tomorrow.

The Lifestyle of an Internist

Like many medical professions, Internal Medicine practice has its share of pros and cons. Recent surveys suggest that this may be weighted towards the latter. A 2016 Medscape Physician Lifestyle survey found that Internal Medicine Physicians rank towards the top of the heap when it comes to burnout. Physicians surveyed cited increased administrative tasks, long hours and burnout as the top offenders associated with their jobs. While many of these issues also plague other specialties, it is important to remember that not every job is the same and sometimes a workplace change may improve one's situation.

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