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Family Medicine Jobs

Family Medicine Physicians are the backbone of today's U.S. healthcare system. There are over 103,000 actively practicing Family Practice Physicians providing a broad range of preventive, acute and chronic medical care services to all members of the family.

Family Practice Physicians help diagnose, treat and coordinate care for all family members with a variety of illnesses. Family Physicians also play an essential role in disease prevention and maintenance by providing disease screening, immunizations, routine checkups, health counseling and disease maintenance care. To ensure that Family Medicine Physicians are ready to meet these challenges of providing comprehensive family care, they undergo 3 years of additional training to obtain a Family Medicine specialty board certification.

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Family Physician Job Forecast

The future of family medicine jobs looks bright. The demand for practicing Primary Care Physicians is expected to reach about 44,000 vacancies by the year 2030. The highest concentration of family medicine job vacancies will be in found in the Southern U.S., with the strongest demand being in rural settings.

The strong demand for family physician jobs is being driven by patient population shifts and increased Physician attrition rates due to retirement. With 44% of practicing Family Medicine/General Practice Physicians reporting an age of 55 years and older, the next 2 decades will continue the expansion of Primary Care workforce shortages across America.

Average Salary for Family Medicine Jobs

Practicing Family Medicine Physicians average around $207,000 a year in base compensation. These salaries can vary considerably based on geographic location of practice, years of experience and the levels of care provided.

Family Physician Practice Locations

The majority of Family Physicians work in either solo or group private practices. While private practice is a popular option, many FP's also choose to practice in General Hospitals, Outpatient Care Centers, Academic Medical Centers or government based clinics.

The Lifestyle of a Family Physician

Many Physicians are drawn to Family Practice because of the lifestyle it provides. Family Physicians are at the heart of most communities and provide care to generations of families. This creates opportunities for rich, long lasting patient-physician bonds. This can be especially true in smaller rural communities where FP's are often a lifeline for the community. Family Practice also has its share of challenges. Due to increased provider shortages, patient loads and administrative demands, FP's are frequently pressed for time and short on resources.

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