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Do you have a unique or challenging search that requires additional resources? We know you're too busy with other responsibilities to effectively find and contact physicians interested in all of your job opportunities. Our Custom Sourcing Specialists are the solution you've been waiting for to assist you in finding interested physician candidates for your open positions. Our goal is to help you identify top talent and create a more productive recruitment process.

See how our Custom Sourcing Specialists can save you time and turn your stress into success.

Our dedicated Custom Sourcing Specialists will:

  • Execute a targeted calling campaign of potential candidates - saving you valuable time and energy!
  • Act as a representative of your facility to present the position to qualified physicians and provide candidates with details about your opportunity and location.
  • Create and send a custom email to qualified candidates with a description of your opening. These emails function as effective tools for our Custom Sourcing team allowing them to prioritize and call the physicians who read them.
  • Develop a custom advertisement detailing the opening to be posted on the PracticeMatch Career Center.
  • Provide you with periodic updates and reports on the progress of your project including valuable feedback from candidates of all interest levels that can assist your current and future searches.

As qualified and interested candidates are identified, you will receive:

  • A copy of the physician's current profile.
  • Detailed candidate presentation summary including interest level and issues discussed.
  • Physician's phone number and 1-2 time slots that the candidate is available to take a call from you.

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Our Clients are Saying:

testimonial "Through Custom Sourcing, I recently received the single best family medicine candidate that I have seen from any other resource of ours in over a year. The candidate was not looking for a new position, but thanks to our great Custom Sourcing Project Manager she changed her mind. I appreciate PracticeMatch’s Custom Sourcing service because I rarely have time to cold call through the database. Receiving the warm leads, knowing the candidates are qualified and screened and interested in our hospital enables my success as a recruiter."
Mikael Bildo, Provider Recruiter, Centra Medical Group - Lyncburg, VA

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