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Our Virtual Event Platform: HealthCareFairs

Welcome to our virtual event platform, HealthCareFairs. If you're a healthcare facility looking to simplify your candidate search, HealthCareFairs is the one. With HealthCareFairs, you can customize your virtual booth as much as you'd like to ensure cohesive branding. We offer customization for event URLs, lobby pages, and RSVP pages. Booths can be created for every event, complete with the booth name, description, your company colors, and your logo or any image of your choosing.

When you log into HealthCareFairs, you will be taken to a landing page that shows future career fairs that have been assigned to you. You will see information about these virtual fairs, such as event names, dates, times and booth name. Click on a booth's name to enter and preview it. You will have a profile that can be viewed by candidates, including your contact information and a description about your organization. Your profile has a bio section where you can either talk about positions you are hiring for or give some further background information about the organization.

Healthcare Fairs

Booth Set Up

Exhibit at our live and virtual nationwide fairs, and connect with actively seeking candidates, including physicians, and APPs.

Design your virtual job fair booth by adding your organization's name and professions for which you are currently hiring. When selecting which professions you're looking for, you can either enter new professions or select them from previous fairs. Before your virtual event begins, you can download and view the registrant list at any time to see who is attending. The list includes registrant name, email and registration date. The post-fair fair report details how many chats each candidate participated in, including every exhibitor at the fair, and duration of chat.

You can claim attendees so that they will join your queue as soon as they enter your booth. You can do so by entering emails of specific attendees. If you have reached out to candidates prior to your virtual career fair, you can add them to this list, as well, to ensure that they join your queue when they enter your booth. It's important to note, however, that only one recruiter in each organization can claim an attendee, and if an attendee is not added to the claimed attendee list, they will be added to the queue like normal.

You can also exclude attendees by creating exclusion questions. Any attendee that matches the criteria you have excluded will no longer see your organization from the fairground page and will not have access to your organization.

Prior to the beginning of your virtual fair, you will be able to upload a document, such as a flyer, to be sent out to attendees during the fair using a link. These documents must be uploaded before the start of the fair.

To access a virtual career fair, log into your account to see your current active booths. If your fair has not yet begun, you will be able to enter as a recruiter but will not be able to do anything. If your event has started, you will be redirected to your booth in the event.

Once you are in an active event, you will see your dashboard, current chat activity and candidate profiles. The "My Dashboard" section will show your current chats. You can toggle through chats by clicking on candidates' names. Below the "My Current Chats" section is a section called "Candidates Waiting", showing names of candidates and how long they have been waiting in the queue. Within this section, you will see a section titled "Completed Chats", showing each candidate you had a conversation with, how long you chatted with them, and your candidate rating. The "Other Recruiters" tab shows other recruiters that are in the booth and how many candidates are in their queue.

Chatting with Candidates

There are chat settings available that allow you to set the maximum number of chats that you will partake in at one time during your fair. Prior to your virtual fair, you can customize canned responses for your chat sessions. Once a candidate joins the queue, they will see the canned response of your choice. You can add and store multiple canned messages for each event, and they can be edited or deleted at any time.

Click on a candidate's name to begin a chat with them. Their profile will appear on the right-hand side of the screen with answers to the registration questions you've asked. If you have chatted with them previously, your notes and ratings will appear below their profile information.

Recruiters are able to forward chat transcripts to their colleagues and can add multiple email addresses at once for efficiency. During the fair, you can select the email that you wish to forward a chat transcript to, and in the event that you forgot to add an email, it can be added while the fair is in progress. All email addresses added will be available for all users within the booth. If you have added categories for your booth, you can select a recruiter and then select the categories that pertain to that recruiter.

During a chat, you will be able to send canned messages, share files, transfer candidates and end the chat. You also have the ability to review chats, which shows your notes and ratings for each candidate. Clicking on a candidate's name brings up your chat history with that candidate. You can also block candidates, preventing them from entering your booth for the remainder of the fair.

If a candidate enters your queue but does not match your recruitment area, you can transfer them to a different recruiter. You can also include a message to explain why you are transferring them. If they are accepted by the recruiter, the candidate will be moved to the other recruiter's queue. You will not be able to send the chat transcript or the candidate's CV until the chat has ended.


After the fair has concluded, a detailed report is generated with the list of candidates, chat time, category, rating, results, notes, history, and CV (if it has been uploaded). This report can be downloaded as an Excel file for easy post-show follow-up, and all conversation history will be displayed within the report.

You can get to the attendee report by clicking on an attendee's name. If you had a conversation with the attendee, this is where you will see the chat history. You can also view event chat information, chat transcript, event name, date, candidate's name, email address, training information and geographic preferences. A candidate's CV can be viewed by clicking on the History hyperlink.

FEATURES Go to HealthCareFairs

  • Customizable canned responses
  • Uploading documents (like flyers) to distribute to attendees during your virtual fair
  • Ability to categorize booths by category or by specialty
  • Access to a downloadable report including # of chats a candidate participated in, as well as who they chatted with
  • Recruiter dashboard including chats in progress, # of candidates waiting, and completed chats
  • Ability to take notes and review chats after the session

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