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Each month, thousands of healthcare providers visit the PracticeMatch job board, including physicians, advanced practitioners, and non-clinicians. Our job board contains thousands of jobs across more than 50 states and territories, across all specialties. Job searches can be filtered based on visa status, loan repayment, profit status, and more. Our phone interviewing, nationwide career fairs (live and virtual), specialty association and society meetings, and relationships with residency programs and GME program coordinators allow us to draw physicians, advanced practitioners, and non-clinicians together with prospective employers across the country.

Post your physician, advanced practitioner, and non-clinician jobs to an active and engaged candidate audience. Interested candidates will reach out to you directly to learn more about the position, or they can apply directly through your job listing.

PracticeMatch Jobs & Job Posting

PracticeMatch Jobs

PracticeMatch has established itself as a trusted partner for both job seekers and healthcare facilities. Our Job Board is a dynamic platform designed to cater to the unique needs of the healthcare industry, where every placement has the power to make a significant impact on patient care.

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, finding the right healthcare provider for your facility can be a daunting task. At PracticeMatch, we understand the critical importance of helping healthcare organizations secure the talent they need to thrive. Our Job Board is a comprehensive platform that empowers job seekers and employers alike, offering a seamless, user-friendly experience where your staffing needs are front and center.

The PracticeMatch Career Center is a crucial avenue for connecting provider candidates to job opportunities. We offer candidates a host of valuable tools to aid them in their job search and throughout the rest of their career

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Make use of the PracticeMatch Physician Career Center through our data management and tracking system. Our job postings offer the full flexibility of HTML-based interface, so you can post your opportunities with the appearance and information you wish. Physicians have the ability to search through job postings, review them, and request further information from you. You'll receive an automatic notification about interested candidates via email, as well as on screen and in reports.

Posting Contact Information

PracticeMatch allows clients to post jobs with either their full contact information or with limited information. By offering the option for our clients to post with limited contact information, we present an ability for our clients to choose to use our Career Center as a form of insulation from those people. This flexibility allows our clients to balance maximizing contact with candidates against being pestered by third-party recruiters.


Physicians can respond directly to your opportunity postings with a single click, alerting you to their interest. Once alerted, you can review the physician's profile and determine next steps. By automating this response process you are able to cut down on the time it takes to find physicians interested in your opportunities — and you won't have to wait for them to send their CV to start figuring out if they are a viable candidate!

You can post your jobs using:

  • HTML formatting including bold, italics, bullet points, etc.
  • Hyperlinks to your company website or areas of interest
  • Unlimited text descriptions of your job opportunities and their locations
  • Photos and Graphics
  • Video Content
  • Contact Information — full or limited
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