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Elevate your provider recruitment strategy with TextMatch, the innovative solution designed to streamline candidate outreach and enhance your recruitment toolbox. Integrated seamlessly with Portfolio, TextMatch introduces a powerful and efficient way to connect with qualified candidates instantly. This service not only offers the convenience of precise candidate targeting but also provides comprehensive reporting and tracking capabilities, ensuring you stay in control of your recruitment efforts.

Compatible with both Pinpoint and APMatch databases, TextMatch offers verified cell phone numbers, granting recruiters the confidence that their messages reach the right recipients. The advantages of incorporating texting into your strategy are numerous: it's faster than email, offers a convenient communication channel, and provides a more personal approach. Furthermore, TextMatch's integration with Portfolio delivers detailed tracking and reporting, enhancing your ability to measure the impact of your outreach efforts.

TextMatch integrated with Portfolio

Instantly reach out to highly qualified candidates with TextMatch, and bring a modern edge to your provider recruitment strategy by incorporating this innovative offering into your suite of recruitment tools.

TextMatch is designed to seamlessly integrate with Portfolio, offering advanced capabilities for detailed reporting and meticulous tracking. This empowers you to precisely target the ideal candidate pool, choose the right opportunity, and directly send text messages to potential candidates, ensuring a highly efficient and effective recruitment process.

TextMatch is fully compatible with our specialized databases, Pinpoint and APMatch, guaranteeing that all cell phone numbers utilized have undergone thorough verification. This added layer of reliability ensures that your messages are delivered to the intended recipients, enhancing the effectiveness of your communication efforts. Additionally, TextMatch provides the flexibility to schedule your text message campaigns up to two weeks in advance, allowing for strategic planning and execution. With the capability to dispatch up to 2,000 text messages simultaneously, TextMatch offers an unparalleled scale to your outreach efforts, ensuring you can connect with a vast number of candidates efficiently and effectively.

Incorporating texting into your communication strategy comes with a multitude of advantages that can significantly enhance the way you connect with your audience.

The inclusion of texting within a physician recruitment strategy is not merely an enhancement; it is a critical evolution to meet the modern communication preferences of today's medical professionals. In an era where immediacy and directness are highly valued, the ability to convey opportunities directly to a candidate's most personal device-their mobile phone-signifies a profound shift in how recruitment communications are perceived and engaged with. Texting facilitates a level of immediacy and intimacy that other channels struggle to match, allowing recruiters to cut through the noise of overflowing email inboxes and social media feeds. This direct line of communication is especially pertinent in the fast-paced world of healthcare, where the demand for skilled physicians often outstrips supply. By leveraging text messaging, recruiters can quickly disseminate new opportunities, urgent openings, or updates, ensuring that potential candidates receive and read these messages in real-time. The personal and direct nature of text messaging thus becomes a pivotal tool in building relationships with candidates, fostering a sense of connection and responsiveness that is crucial for engaging highly sought-after medical professionals in today's competitive landscape.

Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Speed of Communication Texting is notably faster than email, enabling you to deliver messages almost instantaneously. This rapid delivery ensures that your communications are timely and can keep pace with the fast-moving nature of today's digital world.
  • Convenience The ease of sending and receiving texts makes it a highly convenient method of communication. It allows for quick exchanges of information, making it easier for your audience to respond and engage with your messages on-the-go.
  • A More Personal Touch Text messaging offers a more intimate and personal way to communicate, helping to build stronger relationships. This personal approach can significantly increase the effectiveness of your outreach, making recipients feel valued and more likely to engage positively with your messages.
  • Enhanced Tracking and Reporting By fully integrating texting with Portfolio, you gain access to sophisticated tracking and reporting capabilities. This integration allows for detailed monitoring of your texting campaigns, providing valuable insights into their performance. You can track engagement metrics, analyze the effectiveness of your messages, and refine your strategies based on concrete data. This level of detail ensures that you can continually optimize your communication efforts for better results.

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TextMatch Reporting

Integrating texting into your communication strategy offers several measurable advantages that can significantly enhance the effectiveness and reach of your campaigns.

Benefits of adding texting to your strategy:

  • Verification of Sent Text Messages: One of the primary advantages is the ability to track the exact number of text messages that have been successfully sent. This feature ensures that you have precise data on how many of your intended recipients are actually receiving your messages, allowing for a clear understanding of your campaign's reach.
  • Tracking Engagement Through Link Clicks: Another significant benefit is the capability to monitor how many recipients are engaging with your content by clicking on the opportunity link provided in your text message. This metric is crucial for assessing the interest level among your audience and the appeal of the opportunities you're presenting.
  • Comprehensive Click Analytics: Beyond knowing how many individuals clicked your link, you gain insight into the total number of times your link was clicked. This distinction is important because it can indicate repeated interest from the same individuals, suggesting a higher level of engagement with your message or offering.
  • Insights into Optimal Engagement Times: Finally, analyzing the times of day when your link is clicked can provide valuable information about when your audience is most active and receptive to your messages. This data can inform future campaign strategies, allowing you to tailor your message delivery for maximum impact and engagement.

You can use this data to make decisions on how to employ your text message campaigns to receive the best results. Calculate your click-through rate (CTR), segment your audience, conduct A/B testing, and more. Continue to improve your campaigns by paying close attention to these reports and changing different variables of your text messages.

On average, text messages have an incredibly high open rate of 99%, compared to the average email open rate, which is around 30%.

On average, the open rate for text messages is remarkably high, standing at an impressive 99%, starkly contrasting with the average open rate for emails, which hovers around 30%. This statistic highlights the pervasive nature of mobile phones in our daily lives, with the majority of people keeping their devices within arm's reach throughout the day, irrespective of their level of engagement at any given moment. Consequently, this behavior suggests that even if recipients do not immediately open your text messages, the likelihood remains high that they will encounter them while performing routine checks on their phones, such as when glancing at the time.

By weaving text messaging into your physician recruitment strategy, alongside leveraging other digital marketing avenues such as email marketing and geofencing, you stand to significantly bolster the overall impact of your outreach efforts. This multifaceted approach not only diversifies your communication channels but also capitalizes on the unique strengths of each medium. Text messaging, with its unparalleled open rates, offers immediate and direct engagement, while email marketing provides a platform for more detailed and content-rich communication. Geofencing, on the other hand, allows for targeted messaging based on geographic location, enhancing the relevance and personalization of your outreach. Together, these strategies create a comprehensive and robust digital marketing ecosystem that can substantially elevate your recruitment efficacy and improve your success rates in attracting top-tier physician talent.

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