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Physician Recruitment Case Studies

PracticeMatch Success: Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine

Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine

Company Profile:

Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine treats whole human beings, not symptoms. Their physicians take an innovative approach, combining traditional medicine with holistic modalities and restorative and regenerative medicine. They treat both male and female patients who experience core muscle and nerve problems; chronic pelvic pain; and pelvic floor muscle dysfunction.


  • Carrie was tasked with all recruitment responsibilities at quickly growing Pelvic Rehabilitation organization. As a one-person show, she was responsible for sourcing candidates for the soon-to-be opening offices across the US. Her organization had specific criteria for these candidates and in a relatively niche field of medicine.


  • Carrie's precise cold-calling campaigns targeting physicians with hometown ties to her practice areas helped her to fill 4 open positions in less than 8 months while building a pipeline of prospective candidates to engage with as more facilities open.


  • Carrie uses targeted Pinpoint searches to research highly specific candidates to warm up her cold calling campaign. She found that email blasts resulted in so many interested candidates that actually made it difficult to sort through.


What advice would you give to other recruiters considering PracticeMatch?

I've been in recruitment for 16 years. When I moved from my former employer to Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine, I knew that I needed PracticeMatch. PracticeMatch is a fantastic resource that I would feel comfortable recommending to other recruiters.

Carrie Dib

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