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How it Works?

Physicians know they can start finding the perfect match on the PracticeMatch Job Board Career Center. Each month, thousands of job opportunities are viewed by physicians who are searching for their perfect job opportunity.

PracticeMatch's Career Center is an extremely powerful tool that combines the power of the database and data management system to help you source leads.

Between our database systems and our visits to many career fairs and association meetings, we have a unique ability to draw physicians together. PracticeMatch's physician career center applies both passive and active methods of connecting candidate physicians to job opportunities.

Passive methods

Passive methods are those employed by typical unsophisticated job boards. People post opportunities, and then wait for candidates to find those job postings. They are relying on candidates to be looking at that exact moment in time, and to be able to find their job postings on their own.

Certainly, this can help bring some candidates to you, and of course PracticeMatch supplies access to these techniques, but these techniques do rely on candidates finding your job in an internet sea of millions of postings.

Active methods

Active methods involve contacting candidates about particular job opportunities. PracticeMatch's Career Center sends information out to candidate physicians based not only on your job opportunity's characteristics, but also on our interviewed candidates' known preferences.

This way, candidates who may be looking for job opportunities can be informed about an opportunity that might be of interest to them, even if they didn't happen to look at yours. Additionally, those candidates who had not been looking around may find particular interest in your job opportunity if something catches their eye.

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