Portfolio™ Sourcing Tools

What are Portfolio™ Tools?

In today's mobile society, it's important that the tools you need be accessible from almost anywhere. At PracticeMatch, we have developed a user-friendly, internet-based data management and tracking system called Portfolio.

Data Management

Portfolio™ is fully integrated with PracticeMatch's physician databases. It seamlessly enables you to have one-click access to critical data for all active job opportunities and candidates while allowing you to monitor candidate flow and contacts.

We can help you ensure that your time and effort recruiting are spent in the most cost-effective way. Portfolio™ helps combine both passive and active sourcing techniques. Passive sourcing involves simply waiting for a candidate to find your opportunity.

Many exceptional physicians who would be a perfect fit may never learn about your position. Active sourcing identifies qualified candidates who have expressed certain interests or have certain characteristics but may not have actively looked in your area. The truly successful sourcing campaign must make use of both types of sourcing.

Some highlights of this system include:

Portfolio™ is fully integrated and able to provide the tracking and reporting necessary for both passive and active sourcing, which will make your recruiting process more effective and efficient.

Broadcast Email

Communicating with physicians can be difficult, but thankfully PracticeMatch's integrated broadcast email system can help. Not only does it allow you to communicate with physician candidates, but it also tracks your communications, allowing you to see who is most interested in your opportunities. It seamlessly works with PracticeMatch's data management system, effectively making this tool a very powerful part of your sourcing process. PracticeMatch email allows for amazing customization.

PracticeMatch's broadcast email capabilities make a powerful tool readily available and easy to use.

Some features of the broadcast email system are:
  • Access more than 700,000 physician email addresses
  • Customize and send your messages immediately
  • Deploy emails to an individual or to multiple candidates at once
  • Full HTML and photo capabilities for more attractive messages
  • Fully integrated with PracticeMatch's data management system
  • Track who reads your emails and how many times they read it with our advanced tracking
  • Track who clicks on which hyperlinks in your messages
  • Mail-merge capabilities for personalized messages
  • Automatic handling of unsubscribe requests
  • Much more!

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