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Find your perfect hire with a cost-effective mailer. Looking to add a highly-targeted approach to filling an open position? Incorporate an attractive oversized postcard into your sourcing arsenal to capture the interest of passive candidates. PracticeMatch now makes it easier than ever.

Use our Express Estimator to get detailed pricing information, select your design layout, and send your preferred postage delivery preferences directly to your Client Account Manager. We will handle the rest!

Have a finished design and just need us to print it and mail it? We can do that too!

PracticeMatch Direct Mail Campaigns Playbook

Review or Download PracticeMatch Direct Mail Playbook here.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

  • I recently had two difficult positions to fill with sensitive timing that required experienced physicians. I was skeptical about how successful post cards would be - I assumed that they would not be read. My Client Account Manager assisted me in pulling a list and designing the post card. We also did an email campaign to the same list. For both positions, I received calls the following day from physicians that had the proper experience. It was a success and an eye opener from me in how we have to rethink our sourcing techniques from time to time. Both positions were filled with a post card campaign!
  • Lee A. Meyer, RN, BSN, FASPR, Manager of Provider Recruitment, SCL Physicians, SCL Health, Denver/Boulder, CO

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What Our Clients Are Saying