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Sending email campaigns through PracticeMatch's broadcast email system is very simple and yet so powerful. One very useful feature is that emails are sent with a process that is compliant with anti-SPAM laws. Each individual message that is sent through a PracticeMatch broadcast email contains appropriate information and a link at the bottom where candidates can automatically unsubscribe from your future messages. It is completely automatic and just that simple.

In addition, you can create a list of candidates to be excluded from future broadcast emails. This can be a handy way to avoid sending messages to candidates who may verbally request it, or perhaps so you can avoid sending messages to candidates in your own facility. Send us a list of your staff physicians, and we can help you create such a list.

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testimonial "I've really enjoyed using PracticeMatch. It is intuitive to use, and I've always found several candidates for my requisitions on your site. The comments section is very helpful when initially contacting candidates, containing updates to their CVs or additional information about interests or location preferences. PracticeMatch has helped me find prospects for over 50% of my requisitions, and I look forward to another great year filling requisitions with PracticeMatch."
Kenneth Buckey, Physician Recruitment, Centura Health

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