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Email Personalization

One of PracticeMatch's powerful features is the ability to send emails to groups of candidates with a simple click of the mouse. Whether you are sending to just a few candidates or many at once, each candidate receives an individual message. And you can spend as much time as you want composing custom messages.

Imagine the power of instantly sending numerous candidates a message that begin with a personal salutation of, Dear Doctor Smith… Each candidate's message can be easily formatted to include their last name or any of several other fields. This is a powerful way to personalize your messages, raising the likelihood that they will be read.

Composing e-mail messages that include:

  • Colorful text, including highlights
  • Bold, underline, italics
  • Different fonts and sizes
  • Embed photos, links to videos, and graphics
  • Compose complete newsletter styled messages
  • Copy & Paste from Word or other HTML documents
  • Mail Merge personalization

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