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Portfolio™ Sourcing Tools

Email Tracking

Built into PracticeMatch's broadcast email system is a powerful reporting feature that will let you know how many emails were sent, how many times the email was read, and even how many times people clicked on hyperlinks you may have put in your message!

Simply click on numbers in the report to see a list of candidates who read the message or clicked a particular item. This is a very powerful tool to help your sourcing activities.

Keeping track of these things helps you create and optimize your future marketing campaigns. Imagine knowing what parts of your message are of the most interest to candidates!

Some features include:

  • How many messages were sent
  • How many people read your message
  • Who and how many people read it once, twice, up to 5 or more times! (you want to reach out to these people!)
  • How many people clicked on hyperlinks in your message
  • Which hyperlinks were clicked on in your message
  • Which candidates unsubscribed from future messages
  • Which candidates' Emails bounced and more!

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