Data Management Features

PracticeMatch's powerful data management system offers numerous flexible tools that allow you to:

  • Send and track email campaigns
  • Monitor activity through an unlimited number of customizable notes, reminders, activities, and milestones
  • Track expenses for each opportunity and candidate
  • Edit physician data or create your own detailed physician profiles
  • Export mailing lists and calling lists for large or small candidate pools
  • Display and print a variety of reports to track each aspect of the provider recruitment process
  • Collaborate and share information with coworkers
  • Post job opportunities directly to the PracticeMatch Career Center

Activity and Expense Monitoring

  • Create an unlimited number of customized notes, reminders, activities, milestones, and expense records
  • Attach your notes to individual candidate profiles or entire folders of candidates
  • Easily track the recruiting status of any candidate
  • Specify your own Milestones and note types, customizing notes for your specific needs

Data Exportation

  • Easily export mailing lists, report information, and other types of files
  • Select from a variety of file formats for convenient use with desktop applications
  • Download information directly to a computer, or email it to your mail house
  • Get lists formatted for use with label printing software, mailing houses, or your own list and label applications

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