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Milestones represent the major steps of your recruitment process. PracticeMatch allows you to customize the milestones to exactly match your needs. This allows for detailed tracking, allows you to pull up informative reports, review candidates and track where they are in the process to ensure that critical steps of your recruitment process are not missed.

Configuring PracticeMatch's data management system to your specific business needs is a simple process and opens up an entire universe of tracking and reporting options.

From initially receiving a CV to signing a candidate, you can track the entire interview and hire process simply and cleanly.

Milestones can include things such as:

  • Candidate expresses interest in a job opportunity
  • Candidate CVs are received
  • Candidate is interviewed
  • Complications exist for a particular candidate
  • Follow-up is necessary
  • Job offer has been made
  • Candidate has signed a contract
  • And as many others as you need!

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